20 Things I Learned From Spicy Foods

  • Hot does not mean spicy.

  • If its not spicy its just gruel.

  • Habanero, Thai Pepper, Serrano? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

  • Enjoy the burn.

  • Hot sauce is the new beige. It goes with everything.

  • Mild? I don't understand...

  • The tongue is evil and should be punished.

  • How much hot sauce? How much is there?

  • Yes, I have seen an empty bottle of Tabasco sauce.

  • I like my food like a battlefield. Bathed in red!

  • JalapeƱos, are for cooling down.

  • No Regrets. You did. You pay for it.

  • Restrooms fear the sound of my name

  • Heartburn is fleeting and the cold sweats will pass.

  • Extra spicy means you won't have to share.

  • Trust me, I know what I'm doing!

  • When in doubt, add another pepper.

  • Dinner? A bucket of Buffalo wings and a tall glass of blue cheese dressing. Done.

  • Ice cream chasers, anyone?

  • If you're not sweating it wasn't spicy enough.

    SJ said...

    As I was reading this, I was thinking of the buffalo wings :)

    kludge said...


    UMMMM! Buffalo wings!

    Most of this list is too extreme for me. I wrote it for another blog, but thought some of them were worth reading!

    Sarah said...

    I do NOT share your love of hot, spicy things. Mild sauces make my nose run and my eyes water. Normally I can enjoy about 1/2 of a bufflalo wing and my mouth is burning so much I want to run out the door. Your comment that if you get extra hot you won't have to share is true with me. Enjoy the burning!

    Missy said...

    Erin has a friend who is a biology major and they did an experiment and have found out that people who love spicy food have very few taste buds. You can do the experiment at home. I can't remember if the die sticks to the taste buds or your tongue, have to verify that, but that is why you can tolerate the spice, NO TASTE!!!

    SJ said...

    I think that even though I am not a "hot" food person, we all need to do the buffalo wings sometime this summer - - -

    Windy City Survivors said...

    Ummm...I'm not to big into spicy food. I have actually gotten better at salsa, but I can't do too much of it, especially now. :) Never tried buffalo wings but from what I've heard, they can be intense!

    Eve said...

    TOTALLY! If I'm not crying then I don't even want to pay for it!