Highs and Lows

Up and down. Up and down. That's all that there is to it. I mean how exciting can it be? As far As I can tell the Yo-yo should really be a very stupid toy. I mean the entire point is to send it flying and then bring it back to the point that it started. If your goal is for it to end up where it started then wouldn't it be best to just never let it go? Moreover why would anyone care if they couldn't get the Yo-yo to do their bidding?

What do I care if a block of wood and a piece of string listens to me? I'm not sure, but I do. I just can't stop throwing the Yo-Yo, and having it return with a resounding thud. It feels good to let it go and bring it back to my palm. It's like a power trip, or a programing loop I can't seem to get free from. Down and back, down and back. I just sit there smiling.

There is something terribly addicting about throwing away an object that wants so badly to return. I imagine this is what dog lovers feel in some small way. Minus the hair, the feeding, the whining, the shots, the scolding and the poop. Yeah, minus those things a Yo-yo is like a dog.

It is never going to tire of playing catch, and it will always be happy to see you. Of course a Yo-yo will not make you get up early on a Saturday morning because it needs you to take it outside. Nor will neglecting to do this for your Yo-yo mean that you will have to say up late on that same Saturday scrubbing the smell from the rug. Okay, come to think of it, a Yo-yo is nothing like a dog.

I mean it's only purpose in life is to return. Dogs have to be trained for months to learn that one.

“Fuffy! Come here boy! Come on Fluffy.”

“Who's Fluffy? Why is he screaming at me...”


“Wow, wherever this Fluffy is at, he's gonna be in trouble!”

A Yo-yo needs no training. I mean, that's why it was made. If it cannot come back to you it is not fulfilling it's purpose. You on the other hand need a lot of training. There is nothing quite as fun as watching someone try out their first Yo-yo. It's always the same...they wind it up, hold out their hand, and then wait for the Yo-yo to do the work. Yo-yo's never work your first try. It's a rule.

They want to see you humiliated in front of all your friends as you start dancing around like you've got a misbehaving marionette puppet on a string. Like it's the puppets fault his eyebrows aren't moving but his hinny his. This effect is even better after the Yo-yo is wound up, played with properly by someone, and then handed to aforementioned puppeteering fool.

After a little work and practice though, you get the hang of it. So there you are on a Monday night, standing in the hallway after everyone has either left or gone to bed, playing with your Yo-yo. As the hours creep by, you find that you - just - can't - stop.

Postscript - Someone just linked this post from a Yo-yo forum.

Did you know that June 6th is National Yo-yo day? Me either...weird how that stuff works out.


Ando said...

What kind of a person names their male dog Fluffy?

kludge said...


Little old ladies? Not sure...

...it just made me laugh. I wouldn't come either if someone named me Fuffy.

The Great Aunt!! said...

okay I didn't think twice about the fluffy name because I was totally getting the yoyos are like dogs. Just today after a year of "come Cassie" she finally walked over to me and I was a very happy camper, why? I don't know, probably should have shut the door on her after a year! It's what Joe would have done.
oh yeah your daughters spoke to me on the phone today!!

kludge said...


Cassie sounds almost 'cat-like' in that regard! :)

Cool! The eldest I presume!

Missy said...

yes she is almost like that, when she is at the back door and wants let in, you get to the door, open it and she bolts, you can almost hear the snicker as she is running away. Joe refuses to let her in anymore, usually he just yells at her from his chair.

I actually spoke with both of them, yes they BOTH had conversations with me, it is good to be the favorite Great Auntie!!