20 Things I Learned From Sushi

  • Raw = Good.

  • The first time is always scary.

  • If you're ever in doubt then just stick with the chicken.

  • Toro, Toro, Toro!

  • It shouldn't smell like anything. If if does, see #3.

  • While a California Roll is fine, it's not really sushi.

  • Maki, Nigiri, Sashimi. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

  • Cheap sushi? This is never a good plan. Your palate and stomach will thank me later, even if your pocketbook is a little unhappy.

  • Fish is the only meat that gets less expensive after it's cooked.

  • Sushi is served on an alter so show some respect

  • Sushi without Wasabi is like a runner without legs.

  • Wasabi should never be handled by amateurs, unless you want a good laugh.

  • How much is too much Wasabi? You'll be the first to know.

  • Sushi should never be purchased by the pound.

  • Sushi, Wasabi & Soy Sauce. Ginger. Tea. Repeat.

  • If you're squeamish, then don't order the sweet shrimp. Trust me. Nothing changes the moood like an unexpected deep fried shrimp head.

  • Rice is filler.

  • If your sushi chefs names are Bob, Johnny or Sue, see #3. Sorry guys I'm just not buying it.

  • Sake or Sake? It could make all the difference between chopstick or shot glass.

  • Dinner and a show? Sushi at the bar. Done.

    Missy said...

    The only thing you can't eat in this world is sweet shrimp, very scary stuff. I think they name it that on purpose, to suck you in.

    Watching someone eat Wasabi for the first time is fun, fun, fun, especially if they think they can handle spicy food, hah, amatueurs!

    kludge said...


    Patricia and I blown away the first time we got this. The shrimp was good...but the deep fried head thing, I don't understand how that tradition got started!

    Like your husband at the Buffalo Wing shop!

    SJ said...

    Still need to try the sushi thing. Have to wait until after the baby now though - -

    Hope you got my e-mail regarding meals for Brian and Esther - Jeremy gave me your address so I could let you know what was up when I saw the comment on the PIC blog.

    Windy City Survivors said...

    I'm not sure I will ever try sushi. Uncooked fish just doesn't appeal to me. But more power to those of you wanting to consume!

    Missy said...

    I have to say that it took me a long time to like sushi. If you start slow and try the cooked stuff first, the rest sort of just follows and you are amazed at how good it really is. With wasabi and ginger it all tastes GREAT!!!

    Tara said...

    I'm still getting my feet wet with sushi since I have been pregnant for the majority of the past 3 years. I had a yummy california roll yesterday as well as a rainbow roll, which I had never tried before. It was SO GOOD!!!

    Jason said...

    It's still raw fish man. I just cannot get into the stuff. I tried very hard once with the result being a quick trip to the Pacific Ocean.