From The Editors Desk: Concerning Links

Gentle Reader;

I know that about a month ago I ditched the Google ads on this page. In addition I resolved to myself to keep KludgeSpot as a place for my own amusement and post stuff purely for the enjoyment of doing so. While I'm not planning on changing that stance, I am convinced that I can make some extra dough online. Currently my Cafepress gear is still selling. A slow but steady stream of clicks and buys.

As a new attempt to make the web payoff I've started a new venture. If you notice a couple of links at the bottom of the page, follow at your own risk. they are a couple of blogs I'm building up for another money making venture.

I type this today because a reader unknowingly found one. While there is nothing wrong with the sites, I do pitch products and services I care nothing about. Additionally I almost never proofread. If you would like to take a peek, feel free, but do so at your own risk.


missy said...

I GET IT!!!!

kludge said...

Oh good.

My apologizes for the apparent disparagement of relations. I just type whatever pops into my head. I had to type up 7 posts in a hurry.

I honestly had no intention of belittling anyone.

Ando said...

I never took you for a corporate shill, Kludge.

Don't take offense to that comment, I have just always wanted to use the word shill in a sentance.

Rake in the dough my friend!

kludge said...


I just took a 5 dollar opp to type up 50 words about pet insurance...

...I'm totally a shill.

missy said...

oh I didn't think you were disparaging her, I knew there was irony in that comment, I just didn't know you were making money off your alter ego!

I am just sorry I made you think you offended me, you didn't!!

this portuguese chicken skin is tough.

I think I will buy the pin for a friend who is deathly afraid of bees...perfect...

kludge said...


Phew. I'm glad. It's hard to tell via text what people are really feeling.

Wow! Thanks! I hope your friend likes it!

Missy said...

yeah my fault really. I just took a class at work that says only 7% of language is words, the rest is body language and voice, scary when you think about how much damage can be done.

I bought the tshirt instead, great birthday gift!

I do like the shill comment.

Get back to stories!!!

BeccaGirl said...

Hey kludge, I took that $5 pet insurance opp too!
I'm new to PPP (which is, I'm assuming, where the pet insurance opp you took came from) but I like it so far. My blog is in it's youth, so I don't qualify for many opps. Wish I could have gotten that $700 one, but I didn't even know there was going to be one! I need to stay connected more.

kludge said...


Yea, I just started too. I've only done about 19 posts, and I'm up to $130 so far.

I missed the $700 ones too! I was just not fast enough on the clicker when they popped up!