Lazy Thursday Blues: Links and Stuff

The caption game is on hiatus due to very low interest. Here's some funny stuff to see and do.

Shakespearean Insulter Thou paunchy toad-spotted jolt-head!

The Perfect Joke Stop me if you've heard this one

Motivator create your own motivational/de-motivational poster!

Old Computer Parts? Turn them into an action figure of soda fridge!

Vader Hates Cell Phones Great Stuff!


Missy said...

Although I am completely untalented for Caption Thursday, I have to say I do love the pictures!!

Where do you find all this stuff, my surfing of the internet is undeniably boring. Funny, funny, funny, Bill Stickers is innocent is the best!

If I had the inclination, I would spend the time to figure out the picture website......

Ando said...

Excellent selections today!

Bill Stickers IS innocent!

Sarah said...

I also have no talent for writing captions but really like seeing the pictures.

I never really thought about Harry and Luke's story is just about the same thing. The story rewritten is very funny. Thanks for the chuckle.