Lazy Thursday Blues: Why Game 2

Welcome to another edition of the Lazy Thursdays Blues. The Caption game has been going good, but I'd thought I'd break it up again with another try at why.

It's pretty simple I enjoyed your answers from the last time we played. I call it the Why Game. This isn't like that annoying game you play with a six year-old. Instead I will pose a question and you will give me an answer. If you know the real answer, post it, if not just have fun. The only real rules are these two:

1. As always, keep it clean.

2. No looking up the real answer.

So let's give it a try! Remember this is less an exercise of WHAT you know but more in your wit or creativity!

"Why do pigeons bob their heads?"

Here's one to get you started

Little is known about the city pigeon population except what we learned from Burt. Pigeons are pacifist by nature and are always practicing their agreeable nature with everything around. People, other pigeons, worms or whatever.


Jason said...

They're grooving to the voices in their heads.

Aunt Missy said...

Jason is almost correct, actually the pigeons are way ahead of us technologically and they have very tiny IPODS in there ears. They LOVE music and therefore always have it playing in there ears, hence the head movement, rap seems to be the favorite amongst city pigeons.

kludge said...


What do pigeon voices say?

"look, moldy crackers!"

"Don't fly, walk! Your a flipping city bird!"

kludge said...

Aunt Missy-

I'd buy one.

Rap, that must be why they're so bold!