Lazy Thursday Blues: Caption 16

I thought last Thursday's Why Game went over very well. I hope all enjoyed it, because we'll probably be playing it again. Thanks to Patricia for the idea.

For today I thought we would have some more caption fun. So it is once again Caption Thursday! I'll provide a picture and you provide the caption. This weeks picture has been in my folder for a few months, and I think you'll like it!

As always we need to adhere to good taste. Please keep it clean.

Here's one to get you started!:
This is a no training wheels zone!

Stuff I found this week:

Signbot Make your own cyber scrolling LED sign!

Speak-N-Spell As any 80's child knows, this is one vital part for 'phoning home.'

Road Sofa? Yes, a street legal sofa. 6 wheels, 87mph, 2 headlights, 1 house plant.


Sarah said...

Awww officer, I can't even read yet. I didn't know the sign said no motorcycly parking within 100 feet. I swear.

Pops said...

You're a little young to be hitting the bottle son. We have laws about drinking and driving.

J Crew said...

Hey, Do you know Billy's Dad. He's a cop too and Billy's my friend. Do you think you could let me off for this one?

SJ said...

I had a Speak-N-Spell - that was cool -

Ando said...

No, no, no, a LEFT at Albequerque.

Boston Love said...

Headline News - "Four Year Old busted! Zero Tolerance on the Helmet Law." Ever notice that "zero tolerance" is the politicians favorite phrase these days?