Sick Of It

Today I am sick. Currently I'm recovering from a day of not being able to stand up, much less blog. I spent the day in pain and discomfort picturing little microorganisms in my stomach. When I did need to get somewhere I moaned my way there. Luckily I'm recovering faster than my wife, who had it first. My wife spent the better part of two days with worse conditions. I decided to be a good husband and stay home those two days. Luckily I decided to stay home for one last day, today. Otherwise known as the day that the roof fell in on me.

My wife caught this glorious bug from our eldest child. My eldest child probably got it from the nursery on Sunday. Which means that someone there brought it to share. Unlike Cheerios and Goldfish, viruses shouldn’t be shared. Now other children and parents that I possibly know, are enduring the same nasty flu thanks to this warm gesture of kindness. The same kindness that comes with chills, headache, upset stomach and cookie tossing joy!

In my current state I had a few moments of clarity. Moments that didn't involve writhing in unbelievable pain. During those times I thought about the post I didn’t get out today and the rather sick desire for a chili cheeseburger with garlic fries. Cleary this only furthered my nausea. Have you ever tried to reason with a flu-infected body, and make it stop thinking about chili cheeseburgers!

“Stop it! You’re killing me!!!”

“What would we get to drink?”

Mostly though I thought about tomorrow and how I hoped to be feeling better. I’ll be very happy tomorrow to be toiling away at my office, fixing problems from the last two days and sipping on a very small box drink of generic apple juice.


SJ said...

Glad you are on the mend - I was home sick today and yesterday as well. Not my idea of fun. I told your wife I knew something was wrong yesterday and today when there were no posts during the day. That is the tell all that you aren't at work. Oh - did you like my banner on my blog?

jenylu said...

Kludge --
So sorry your family is suffering so. I hope it doesn't make it's way over here. Unfortunately, with some viruses, the time you are actually most contagious is right before you get sick, enabling one to share freely & pass it on to others. Bummer...

kludge said...


Thanks. I hate being sick. I hope you're feeling better too.

I suppose my blog is a good tell. I always feel obligated to post something.

I saw that and was chatting with Patricia as we were playing your "how many" game

kludge said...


You're right of course. Considering the fact that you're 251. I was just hoping to pass it along...

...There's nothing like suffering to make you a little evil.

J Crew said...

Hope you get to feeling better. You must have been sick if there were no posts up

Boston Love said...


This nasty flu is spreading everywhere. Took out over half of our office last week. Erik had it last week also. I can't believe (knock on wood) I haven't gotten it! Yea...sorry to gloat. Call me if you guys need anything. I promise I won't stay long. ;)