The Lie

It’s a lie!
A falsification, a fairy tale
A fib, that it’s peddling for sale
A fabrication, a falsehood and fantasy

It’s a misrepresentation,
A prevarication, where truth plays no part
You don’t want to listen, you think your so smart
You’ve been duped, mislead, and played for the fool

You will take it all in
You will rock in your chair
You will say, “Almost there”
With your task near complete

I tell you you’re not!
So don’t be drawn in,
Or your hopes on it pin!
For I tell you I know

Don’t be swayed by untruths,
I’ve been at this a while.
So don’t let it beguile,
Because I know what I say!

Please believe me!
What I speak, it is true
Contrarily status bars lie, yes they do!
As harsh as that sounds you must understand

You are nowhere near done
Just sit back, relax and unwind
And someday, like me, you too might just find
That ninety-nine percent done is a lie!

- Peter Brown 2007


Jason said...

You know, Mr. Brown, there's a lot of truth in what you just said.

kludge said...

It's funny, for the newer version of Microsoft products, they are abandoning the percentage status bar and just going with the "it's working" animation..

...They know, that we know, that they don't know how long it will take!


Boston Love said...

You're very good at poetry Brother. I always enjoy reading them on your blog.

SJ said...

I seriously think you should consider publishing a book of your poetry - "NO LIE" - :)

Aunt Missy said...

Writing could be a little side thing you do, you are very adept.

Computers, what would we do without them?

kludge said...

Boston Love

Thank you very much. I enjoy writing them.

kludge said...


Thank you. Your husband informed me that Cafepress lets you self-publish any manuscript you want. Binding and all...

...I might just at that.

kludge said...

Aunt Missy-

Thank you.

Without computers I would be but a lowly pauper. I love that they continue to get more and more complex, because that means I will always have a paycheck.

Ando said...

You should do it. Publish I mean. It'd do a lot better than a certain as-yet-to-be-written autobiography.

Jason said...

Yes, You should most definately publish. I know a magazine editor you might want to talk to.

kludge said...


Are you serious? If you are, you you think they would care, please let me know. That would be cool.

Thank you.