“I resolve to write more letters this year. What about you Jared?”

“What are you doing?"

"It's my new years resolution, for the party. You need to fill yours out so we can get going."

"Okay. let me think. I resolve to grow a third eye!”


“A third eye... right in the center of my forehead! That’s my new years resolution this year.”


“Don't look at me like that Samantha.”

“Jared, don’t be stupid.”

“I can’t help it.”

“Try. First off you don’t need a third eye. Even if you did, you shouldn’t have it in the center of your forehead. It would serve you better in the back of you head. If you’re going to make idiotic resolutions they should be slightly sensible. Now, what is your real resolution.”

“I resolve to eat fewer peanut butter and pickle sandwiches!”

“That sounds simple enough.”

“I don’t want it to be easy. Okay...I resolve to be the first person in space...”

“Too late.”

“..dancing the polka.”

“Having a little trouble with your resolution this year?”

“To put it bluntly. Yes.”

"Sometimes its hard to identify parts of our lives that need improvement."

"Maybe that’s just it Samantha, maybe there’s nothing wrong with me. Maybe I can’t think of a resolution this year because I’m flawless. I don’t have anything left to change! I’ve done it! I’ve attained perfection!”

“Get off the table and write down your new years resolution! We're going to be late. It’s easy. Ahem, ‘I Jared, resolve to spend less time standing on the coffee table acting like an idiot.’ Now get down here and fill this out so we can go.”

“No really! Listen. Maybe I’ve done it. Maybe I’m perfect.”

“How do you figure?”

“Well, I have a great job and I’m still in my twenties! That means I’m obviously very smart.”

“Or just plain lucky. I don't want to burst your bubble but you are the worst person at math I’ve ever met.”

“Maybe that’s normal for perfect people.”


“Stay with me now. I’m in decent shape and hardly ever get sick”

“I admit you are mostly healthy but Jared, you do get sick.”

“I get stomachaches sometimes but that’s different. I mean like colds and flus and cancer and stuff. I mean, maybe I'm immune to viruses and things!”

“Jared. Are you telling me you don’t think you ever get colds? Why do all men think they never get sick? Is it some universal delusion of your sex?"

“I have natural charisma.."

"Hello! ALL MEN GET SICK! Plus you are also the biggest babies about it! It's always, ‘My head hurts!’ ‘My throat is sore!’ ‘I can't stop vomiting!’"

"...I have good looks..."

"On the other hand, men will drive a nail through their finger and just wrap it in duct tape! I don’t get it.”

“... and of course charm.”

“Additionally you’re also a good listener.”

“I heard you. Listen, I’m having an epiphany here."


"Stand back and bask in my glow."


"Turn your eyes and gaze on perfection!”



"I’m sorry to break it to you but you're not perfect. You have poor eyesight, you're slightly bowlegged and you’re too short to be perfect.”

“What! What do you mean I'm too short?”

“It’s nothing bad. It’s just when I think of the perfect man I picture him as least as tall as me. Thats all.”

“Wow. That's nice. I had no idea you thought of me as short. I'm five eight. That's pretty average I'd say. I mean you're five foot ten. Maybe you’re just too tall!”

“Its not important, I’m just saying, you are not perfect.”

“Fine. The giantess has spoken.”

“Whatever. Hey midget, do you have a new years resolution yet?”

“I resolve to grow taller this year!”

“Good. Write it down! Let’s get going.”


Boston Love said...

Lesson: Telling your wife or girlfriend that you're perfect is never going to go down well.

kludge said...

Boston Love-

Sometimes we perfect people just have to swallow our pride and just keep it to ourselves.

Boston Love said...

EXACTLY. I can almost hear Erik and Patricia groaning in the background. ;)

Aunt Missy said...

Resolutions are like my exercise program, good intentions, poor follow through.

SJ said...

I am with Aunt Missy - - - and boston love - - -

Happy New Year! Please tell your wife hello for me and that I miss seeing her!

Ando said...

I never tell my wife how perfect I am. She knows it.

kludge said...

SJ -

Happy New Year.

I'll try. I'm not good at that girl communication stuff.

"SJ says 'She misses you' and wants to get together, sip cappuccinos and talk about girly things...What for dinner?"

J/K I'll tell her. She misses you too...

I miss your buffalo dip...

kludge said...


I'm sure...Jen and Patricia have that in common.

Windy City Survivors said...

Happy new year! These comments were too funny-especially Ando and his "I never tell my wife how perfect I am, she knows it!". LOL We women sure do give you guys the benefit of the doubt! :)

jenylu said...

This is my favorite part:

"Hello! ALL MEN GET SICK! Plus you are also the biggest babies about it! It's always, ‘My head hurts!’ ‘My throat is sore!’ ‘I can't stop vomiting!’"

Funny stuff, and THIS time, no dogs were eaten! :)

kludge said...


Happy New Year!

You're right on...Patricia just smiles. I imagine shes thinking, "I love being married to perfection"...or something like that.

kludge said...


Thanks I'm glad you liked it. I'm always saying I don't get sick. It's baloney.

I will try not to eat any more animals on Fridays.