Ode to a Christmas Shopper

Well now, put on your grimace
Head out to the store
Your shoppings not done
They all must have more

With elbows a flying
And a snarl on your face
You just stole from that couple
The last parking place

You ram with your cart
You push and you shove
To get all the presents
They will think the most of

You bark at the shoppers
And belittle the clerk
You grabbed both the last toys
You are really a jerk

Think back to a time
When shopping was fun
Before you decided
You hate everyone

Why are you out here?
So bitter and cross
Christmas’s meaning is simple
Our gain for His loss

You hurt only yourself
With a gift bought in venom
Give your children some joy
Not that jacket in denim

So remember it's Christmas
Remember the reason
It’s not to be bitter
But Christ’s love in this season

-Peter Brown 2006


J Crew said...

That is the meaning of Christmas, plain and simple. Nice work. I think I will return all my gifts now. :)

Robin said...

You gave us the reason
for all to have hope
During this season
when we all act like dopes

SJ said...

Great - creative - but I am a nice shopper :):):)

Boston Love said...

I love this poem. Again, this is one of your best!