Geeky Things...

...I've Never Done

  • I've never been to LinuxWorld (Not for lack of trying year!)

  • I've never played a traditional, non computer based, RPG. (I'm a little short on geeky friends...okay, a lot short)

  • I've never modded my computer case. (Unless you count the time, I built and ran my computer without a case...)

  • I have no geeky tattoos (I think I'd like a Tux on my shoulder)

  • I've never purchased GeekWare (Though I have lots of free vendor shirts)

  • I've never been to MacWorld (Here's to minor blessings!)

  • I've never been Wardriving (Though I have hijacked a *few* wireless connections. Shhh...)

  • Though I am a huge Star Trek Fan, I do not own a uniform, and would never be seen with Spock ears on.

  • In addition I've never been to a Star Trek Convention (These places look very scary, and I the worst part is, I think I would fit in. I'd rather not find out.)

  • I've never purchased a cellular phone. (This is will be rather jaw dropping to many of you)

  • ...I Have Done

  • Worked in the call center, and used 1D-10-T on numerous customers.(When geeks attack...we're so lame)

  • Fried over $1000 worth of computer hardware during an upgrade (When I was 15 I think... What a nasty smell)

  • Over 24 hours of straight gaming. (For the record, I was still awake when my friend fell asleep at the keyboard).

  • Was a member of several BBS's. (I sometimes miss the modem years)

  • Tried to build a robot. (Boys and their mechanical servants)

  • Wrote a video game (yeah... It sucked.)

  • Interrupted a sales clerk in the computer store, while they were talking to a customer, to correct them. (I hate computer store sales clerks... for the record)

  • Dressed up like Neo. Yes there is proof. (No. I'll never post it)

  • Started numerous blogs (Guilty.)

  • Quoted Sci-Fi unashamedly in public.
    (Clerk -"You're short $1.50"
    Me-"Are you sure it isn't time for a colorful metaphor?"
    Wife -"groan")

    J Crew said...

    I love lists like those. There are some things about geekdom that actually look appealing and I am stoked that my word verification was honestly... sucka

    Anonymous said...

    Whens your birthday? I'll get you some 12-sided die so you can cross #2 off your "Haven't done" list.

    J Crew - Best word verification ever!