The Return of Sci-Fi

It's funny, but I wasn't sure I could ever live in a world where Star Trek was off the air. I have come to the realization, that it's okay.

Star Trek was my sole definition of Sci-Fi through most of my teenage years. I had yet to discover the joys of reading books by Asimov, Bear, Bradbury and the occasional Crichton. By the way, if you have never experienced Asimov's Foundation series, stop everything you are doing this instant and get it. Sometimes a thing is important enough that all else can be put on hold. Okay... where was I? Right.

For me "Science Fiction" was Star Trek. I loved the troubles they would encounter, the logical troubleshooting and problem solving, and all the great stuff. I mean who doesn't want a phaser, holodeck or realistic android best friend? Am I right!? Of course I am. There was something rewarding knowing that we, as humans, still had an inquisitive nature, ready to scour the galaxy. That technology would be our ally and not some millstone round our necks.

When Star Trek Voyager went off the air, and "Enterprise" came on, I stopped watching. In my opinion, it was garbage, and certainly not Star Trek. Apparently I wasn't alone. Since the series did what not even the tedious DS9 could do and got canceled. At that point I figured, Sci-Fi was dead. I would instead have to turn to reality re-decorators or chef cook off shows. I was sunk.

Well Sci-Fi came back with a vengance, and we didn't even need Star Trek. Stargate, The 4400, Firefly, Heroes, Lost, Eureka and Battlestar Galactica the the ones that first come to mind. Sure some of these died a most surprising and unnecessary death. Great shows like Firefly. At least we had them though, even for a short time. They influenced us and reminded us of two truths. 1.) Every show that glimpses the future and encourages us to look at the wold through a different lens is worth our time, even if we disagree. 2.) Geeks watch TV. It's true, the more Sci-Fi in prime time cements the truth that there are more geeks watching TV than ever before. Awesome!

So here we are, Heroes and Lost control the airwaves and have brought millions of viewers to our side. New shows will be modeling themselves off this new episodic style of Sci-Fi and no one had to dawn a pair of Vulcan ears. (unless they wanted to) What more could you ask for? A Star Trek series with a speck of original thought? Might not happen for a while. Besides, I think that's grounds for a different post.

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Missy said...

Who knew you were back blogging with a vengeance? Yeah, thanks for spending the time to entertain us. I have gone back to work full time out of the house and I barely look at my favorite sites anymore, but here I am!

I ADORE Star Trek, I am counting down the days until the new movie because I ADORE Star Trek and Syler is Spock, what could be better!

I miss Firefly soooooo much. I have a channel that plays repeats and I record them every time and watch them like it was the first time! Why don't people have better taste and watch the right shows????????