20 Reasons I'm Never Giving Up Coffee

  • Coffee shops smell good.

  • Coffee helps me wake up.

  • I need something to add my three teaspoons of sugar to everyday.

  • I like holding paper coffee cups. It makes me feel important.

  • I'm supporting employees with families. It would be wrong to suddenly cut off that support.

  • It makes work slightly more bearable.

  • Hot coffee in a cup is an excellent hand warmer.

  • Coffee stains on your notes make you look like a dedicated worker.

  • What would I do with all my coffee mugs!?

  • Coffee breath keeps office lurkers at bay.

  • Is it illegal? Does it hurt me? Then why would I give it up!?

  • I like frequent trips to the restroom. It gives me a sense of purpose.

  • Good coffee taste great.

  • Bad coffee is better than no coffee.

  • One word. Mocha. Hello!?

  • It's got it's own cake.

  • People don't bother coffee drinkers early in the morning. They know better.

  • Everyone needs one vice. Coffee is mine. Well...one of mine. Well...the one I'm not giving up!

  • If I can pay $50 for a tank of gasoline, I can afford $1.90 for a cup of coffee.

  • When Starbuck takes over the world, we'll all be required to drink it anyway. Why wait?

    Fernando said...

    Ever heard "Coffe mug" by the Descendents?

    Something tells me you´ll love that song as much as I do...

    J Crew said...

    While I can't fully understand all of what you said, I see that millions of others are in hearty agreement with you. I feel the same way about Dew. BTW... best one on this list was... it has its own cake. That is high voltage right there my friend

    Missy said...

    I got another one for you, drinking coffee has been found to help ward of dementia! I always feels so grown up when I buy coffee creamer. Iced Mocha, yeah!!!!!

    I love coffee cake, bisquick's receipe, quick and tasty...

    Boston Love said...

    I still like the saying, Drink coffee. Do Stupid things Faster with more Energy!

    kludge said...

    Boston Love-

    Hey! Long time. no blog!

    Welcome back!

    Boston Love said...

    Ahh yeah..now that my new boss can't live w/out my services I can steal his time to amuse myself on-line without a shred of guilt like the rest of the civilized work world!