20 Things I've Learned From Blogging

  • There are days when blogging is less like recreation and more like work.

  • Updates are expected. Best of luck with that.

  • Originality is harder than you think given the vastness of the Net.

  • If you're looking for Pulitzer prize writing, skip the blogs. If you're looking for vast collections of Gothic poetry, then you've come home.

  • Everyone has a blog. Even grandma Ethel.

  • Grandma Ethel's blog has a better Google Pagerank than yours.

  • If you have to ask 'why blog' then this might not be for for you.

  • Sometimes it's more important just to post than really have something to post about.

  • My blogging catch phrase "Just Post it!" (see 3)

  • When in doubt post a picture and a cool link. "Dude! - Check This Out!"

  • Themes. The ultimate blogger makeover. Complete with all the bugs and design flaws you've come to expect from computing.

  • Niche Blogging- The fastest path to a mental breakdown on the Web.

  • Even a real world loser can be a superstar on the Interwebs.

  • Nothing feels as good as a new comment.

  • Two words - RSS Rocks!

  • If you only have one blog, then you aren't fully hooked yet.

  • Losing sleep over your next blog post is a bloggers reality.

  • Making money blogging is alot like 'Snark Hunting', kinda fun with very little to show for it.

  • Not every post will be award winning. Learn to accept failure gracefully. If at first you don't succeed, then your above average. Try again.

  • At the end of the day I would definitely say, 'It's worth it.'

    Ando said...

    21 - Just because no ones commenting doesn't mean no ones reading.

    22 - The posts you like are never the ones that get all the traffic.

    23 - Blog for yourself, not to become a star. Because it doesn't work that way (unless you blog about what White People Like).

    24 - Always compliment a fellow blogger on a good post.

    Good post!

    Missy said...

    I wish I had the thought processes needed to blog, because my favorite is the one about getting new posts, it was awesome, you felt connected for a brief moment.

    I always enjoy your blog, even if there aren't any pictures!

    Fernando said...

    Another great post dude!
    It´s already been "Spagniolizado" on:

    BTW, I have a few more ideas for the last 20 things list we talked about


    Jason said...

    You know, I've never liked the word 'blog.'

    It reminds me of something you'd step on in a puddle while vacationing in merry ole' England.

    synical said...

    Cool post. :)

    Becca Sports said...

    Great post!

    thecodewitch said...

    25 - Commenting is almost as hard as blogging, since you're worried about whether you have anything substantial to say, even when you simply want to compliment the author.