Creative Exercises

I have now been selling T-Shirts on cafepress for over a year and a half. In that time I have sold about 50 items. Almost every penny of the revenue has been used to purchase other cafepress gear, for fun or silly gifts. Which means that I haven't really made any money off the venture.

For me it's more about knowing people like the designs. To think that someone named Lauren in IN is wearing a 'Bee' t-shirt I designed, or that Miha in Slovenia thought that my 'Monday' shirt was worth the international shipping charge. I'm not sure, why I care but it's just really rewarding. Additionally I guilt tripped Missy into a hasty t-shirt purchase.

With the elections heating up I see that some of the conservative designs I made are now moving. Last week my absolute favorite shirt, with a major stab at Ted Kennedy, finally made a sale. So somewhere in OR Ted is being abused. I can only imagine the horrified looks this person must get while walking around in it. For me, I would never wear it. I'm just not that bold in public. But just knowing that someone else has the nerve to be my voice, and pay me for it, is really cool to think about.

It has also taught me about failure. I've made lots of designs that haven't had the least inkling of a sale. Sometimes my humor doesn't make sense to others. No big surprise there! Point and case is the idea that started it all, 'Stop the Laundry'. I haven't moved a single one. I found that it doesn't matter, and it's more enjoyable just to do it, whether or not it sells. Better to try something and fail at it then always wonder.

I would encourage anyone who ever had the creative itch to give it a shot. It's a blast to get that email -"You've made a sale at"


Fernando said...

OK, you did it! I've got my own store now!

I'm not that hard to convince though... Am I?
This is my first design:
Lookout for more in the future...

Great idea!

kludge said...


Sweet! Good luck on the new venture!

Just a tip, load up your design tags with as many search options as you can think of. You get twenty tags per design. It's worth it to try and come up with 20!

Missy said...

I didn't feel guilty! That's my story and I am sticking to it. Somewhere in San Jose a woman who is screaming and fleeing from the bees is wearing your shirt. She loves it.

I am no where near creative enough to do something like that, I have to had it to all the people out there that can. good for Fernando for just biting the bullet!

Ando said...
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Ando said...

I tried a couple things on Cafepress but the only sale I made was to myself. Though I did get a threatening letter from the National Pork Board for the t-shirt I made. That was neat.

Keep them coming. I love my frige magnet.

Becca Sports said...

I enjoy reading your t-shirt ideas. I'm like you though, I'm not bold enough to wear what I think, especially in a liberal state. Maybe if I was in farm land in Iowa or Nebraska...fellow thinkers there. I don't trust crazy city liberals. They are against guns, but you never know if they have one! :)

Nick said...

Ok kludge , nice thing give the url of your pp sites ?
my link will for this blog will definately help u in raising your page rank though .


Needleroozer said...

Ok I have to say, that I am surprised the "stop the laundry" doesn't sell- it and "will beg for bacon" are my absolute faves.

Jason said...

I shall try this fare thing. This. . .selling of the cloth.

jenylu said...

I want to know what your Ted Kennedy shirt said -- I couldn't find it with the other Kludge apparel.

Congratulations on the sales -- so nice to know you are valued!

SJ said...

If it comes in a round button then I am purchasing :)

kludge said...


Post your store link here. I'd love to see it!

kludge said...

Jenylu -

It's on my
blog. Not everyone here would appreciate my right wing propaganda!

kludge said...


Like this?

Laundry Round

SJ said...

I bought one :):)