Poor Pitiful Puce

Suggestion by Ando

Oh what is the use
of the color named puce?
So often called mauve
But never chartreuse

Overlooked and ignored
Hardly every adored
It sits and it waits
All pointless and bored

Not magenta, not pink
Nor rose I would think
But something between
Not a shade, but a fink

Then a webmaster sage
While programing a page
He types 'CC8899'
To make puce all the rage

"I'm useful, I'm wanted!"
"I don't have to feel haunted!"
"For somebody needs me."
The happy puce flaunted

"What?!" The webmaster spits
"Is my screen having fits?"
"This color is vile, and not what I want"
And so 'delete', he then hits.

-Peter Brown 2007


Windy City Survivors said...

That was a very creative way to approach Andy's Puce color! :)

jenylu said...

Amazing! I am no longer relating with you -- the creative block, now that I could relate to.

I thought puke, I mean puce, was a lime-green color. Thanks for the education. :)

Jeremy said...

Quite Entertaining!

Ando said...

Brilliant! Well done my friend.

kludge said...



kludge said...


That's so funny, I though it was like a blue-green. I was really surprised.

kludge said...


Thank you!

(I think maybe SJ is parading around as Jeremy.)

kludge said...


Thanks for the suggestion. I really was stuck in the mud there!