20 Signs You're A Crazy Cat Person

Suggestion by Emberli

  • You believe your cats are people.

  • You have a cat named "Princess Mitsy the 3rd."

  • You crochet them all sweaters every Christmas.

  • You can't remember how many cats you have, but you know it's more than 5.

  • Every cat has their own monogrammed food and water bowls.

  • You scold the cats if they use the wrong one.

  • Every cat has a color coded collar and matching bell.

  • You have 47 ceramic cat statues placed strategically in your front yard rock garden.

  • You buy milk wholesale, even though you're lactose intolerant.

  • You alway celebrate each cats Birthday with a tuna cake and milk shakes.

  • Your living room furniture consists of 15 cat trees and 3 sheepskin covered throw pillows.

  • You like to think of cleaning out the litter box as digging for buried treasure.

  • Each cat has their own wardrobe.

  • You no longer notice the way your house smells.

  • You alway intervene when Princess Mitsy the 3rd steals Baker Boys toy. "Be a good girl Mitsy, like Miss Delilah Dutchess!"

  • You always talk in a baby voice, to show them that you love them.

  • There are 23 toy mice under your couch at any given moment.

  • You find yourself saying "Mama's darling" more than once a day.

  • You have a king sized bed so you cats will be more comfortable.

  • No one ever stops by anymore... not even salespeople.

    Missy said...

    Digging for treasure....classic yet icky!

    Given any idea and you blossom. These were all great. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

    kludge said...



    Happy Thanksgiving to the Huysentruyt Clan!

    SJ said...

    I am not a cat person - at all - - -

    jenylu said...

    "No one ever stops by anymore... not even salespeople."

    That last part doesn't sound so bad, maybe we should get a few more cats! :-)

    Sign #21: You have more posts on your blog about your cat than your children. (I'd better crank one out about the kids soon!)

    Windy City Survivors said...

    I think that was another creative post by Peter! :)

    kludge said...


    Between cats and dogs, I'd pick a cat...

    ...just not 15 cats

    kludge said...


    #21 is perfect!!!

    In looking for the 'crazy cat lady' picture I found a stockpile of evidence to support your point!

    kludge said...


    Thank you.

    Emberli said...

    Well done! It was so exciting to see my suggestion accomplished. I would pick a cat over a dog as well.