Blank Inside

You may have noticed a rash of nothingness here recently. There is a good reason for that. I can't think of anything to write about.

I've been here before and I always recover, but figured I've give you a chance to help out. If anyone would like to try and ignite a spark of my usual pointless diatribe I would welcome it. Basically I'm admitting I'm feeling a little 'Blank Inside' and could do with a suggestion.

Feel free to drop a note with an idea for 20 things, observed oddity or just your favorite color. I'm not promising that I will post about it, I'm just begging for some table scraps.


Anonymous said...

How about all of the Christmas stuff and music in stores before Thanks giving? Winter colths out in summer, summer cloths out in the middel of winter.

jenylu said...

I am feeling your pain, but also somewhat relieved that even you run out of ideas and inspiration! :)

Ideas...seems like there are several of us fresh out of fresh ideas...maybe you could recycle some stale ones! :)

How about why do writers feel the need to overuse "!'s" and add :) and lol every other sentence?!? What's up with that? lol

Emberli said...

i would love to see a top 20 about weird cat people or people that are way to into any pet for that matter.

Ando said...

My favorite color is peuce. Go! :) LOL!!

SJ said...

I am not great with ideas of what to write about - but I do have to say that this post made me think of Brian Regan and the "Blank Inside" Cards - there you go - write about "blank inside" cards - - -

SJ said...

Or you could write about those people who get up and do karaoke - I recently saw some great ones!

Fernando said...

20 things goes real time: 20 things which are going through your mind the moment you write the post!
My favorite color is a mix of green and brown, kind of like horse sh... poo. How do you explain that?
-20 tv shows that f***ed up your mind.
-20 things you´ve learnt from college.
-20 things you´ve learnt from the shower (kind of Seinfeildian...)
-20 signs you might be loosing control over the little people you talk with inside your head.
-20 signs the rebellion of the machines is near (I´ve got a few good ones for this one).
BTW, I´ve changed my site, it went from to plain

Hope these ideas help a bit!

Jason said...

How about what life would be like if we still had to drive horses.

Drama Queen said...

how about 20 things NOT to do to your computer?

kludge said...

Awesome! What a great return. Thanks everyone, I now have post material for a MONTH!!

Fernando - That was a ton! Thanks for keeping the reigns in on the language, I like knowing that anyone can come here and not be offended.