Wednesday Quiz

Three Actually.

I think I'm done with lists for a while. I certainly done posting them to Digg. What a nightmare. Anyway, here are a few really stupid quizzes. Enjoy and don't forget to post your results.

I'm 90% Geek. A little disappointed it wasn't higher. Something about Firefly, and Spelling Bees, two things I have no clue about.

90% Geek

This was a relief. I thought my addiction might have been more serious! I can handle 77%, That's still a fair amount of breathing room. I can even ratchet it up a bit!

49% chance of surviving a Zombie Apocalypse. This one doesn't look good for me...
49%Mingle2 -


Ando said...

45% Geek. Sounds about right.

kludge said...


That's a nice safe number. You know, Hon did shoot first!

Windy City Survivors said...

44% Geek and 47% chance of surviving a zombie attack. I didn't bother doing the coffee test since I don't drink coffee.

kludge said...


You're like me. We better hope there isn't a zombie apocalypse any time soon!

Jason said...

Apparently, marshwiggles are only 25% geek.

Comes from spending too much time in the wigwam.

Prolly need to spend more time on the swamp visiting the other wiggles.

Life's more than fricassed frogs and eel pie, ya know

Roberta said...

55% Geek; no surprises there.
35% Addicted to coffee; if it were purely a caffeine quiz I think I'd score higher.
55% Chance of surviving a zombie apocolypse; woo-hoo! At least it's a sporting chance... I'm surprised by the survival instinct that lurks beneath this meek and flabby exterior.

Emberli said...

I'm proud to say I'm only 19% geek. I was scared I might be more and not know it.
I've never stayed up playing my computer, but many teenage nights were spent on a Pepsi buzz conquering all the Mario brothers games. I guess that's a tid-bit geeky.

J Crew said...

I'm 15% geek. This explains why I can't fix anything mechanical.

SJ said...

I am 36% Geek - I would say that is a correct number for me :):) I am 52% coffee addict. Only a 32% chance of surviving a zombie attack. Those were fun!

kludge said...


"Life's more than fricasseed frogs and eel pie, ya know"

Words to live by!

kludge said...


I agree with the coffee quiz, and some of the questions... Am I less addicted because I don't roast, or I'm I just freakin' poor?

I'll have to seek out your fortification if Zombies attack!

kludge said...


Yeah, you wouldn't want to be too geek! Think what your friends might think! :)

I recall many teenage nights with a sore thumb and a can of Coke!

kludge said...

J Crew-

I'll try and find a sports addict one for next time, then we can see the pendulum swing the other way!

kludge said...


WOW, you don't stand much of a chance against a horde of undead!

Better start squirreling away food and practicing with your crowbars!

Brian said...

77% Addicted to coffee, 25% Geek, and 35% surviver of the zombie attack.

kludge said...


Another coffee fiend not likely to survive a zombie attack! Welcome.

Hey, at least we'll die alert and jittery!