Post Recipe

Dream it up and think it out
Write it down and flush your doubt
Blog, Blog, Blog.

Adding here, a dash of spice
Just until the post looks nice
Blog, Blog, Blog.

Click it out, then read it through
Making then a change or two
Blog, Blog, Blog.

Watch your hits and see them grow
Makes you glad and proud to know
Blog, Blog, Blog.

See em come and see em go
Hits from here and there they flow
Blog, Blog, Blog.

Soon they die, and hits grow few
And so you start with post anew
Blog, Blog, Blog.

There's my blog post recipe
Season to taste, it's fun. You'll see
Blog, Blog, Blog.

-Peter Brown 2007


J Crew said...

Best line ever: write it down and flush them out... brilliant. That's why you have almost 80,000 hits my friend

Windy City Survivors said...

You definately know how to blog! I enjoy reading your blog. If only the rest of us could keep up with you! ;)

Emberli said...

I'm a fan and it's real cute and all but where are the caption pictures buddy? Do I need to remind you it's Thursday?

kludge said...


HA! Don't beat around the bush there...

I was looking through my Thursday folder and nothing looked very compelling. I promise to try and scour up some more before next week!

Emberli said...

I'll let it slip this time!

SJ said...

Your creativity amazes me!!!!!! That was great - - -I am like Emberli - I did miss the pics, but this was good :)

jenylu said...

I'm okay with the missing captian photos since I'm REALLY bad at that game. You'd think a person that is considered rather creative in some circles would be better at that. sigh...

I, like jcrew, am in awe of that sitemeter!

SJ said...

Maybe we should add this to the recipe blog - since we are in need of some help in that area - ha ha!