From The Editors Desk: Concerning Lists

Gentle Reader;

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed a rash of ‘20 Things’ list that have popping up this site. This was mostly owning to the fact that I was having trouble coming up with ideas for new posts. My editorials, letters, and stories are getting harder to congeal into enough actual substance for a post. So I did a few list as a fun, but not really thought out, post.

It seems they have caught on. Indeed if anything, folks seem to prefer them to anything else I’ve done. Sitemeter recorded more than 2000 hits over this last weekend, which is quite substantial for this little blog of mine.

I feel for a bit I will try to do these and see how they go. Like anything here, it won’t last forever, but I’m having fun with them for now. Really when it comes down to it that was the reason I got a blog to begin with.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Editor and Chief


Jason said...

2,000 Hits!? You're a celebrity. . .or else somebody has been hitting the reload button.

Ando said...

I've been enjoying the lists. Keep them POPPING up, as opposed to "pooping" up. Let's keep this blog clean.

Word verification: norep - an assemblyman-less district.

jenylu said...

Whoooaaa! I am so impressed, even if someone did hit the reload button! Can I get your autograph???

SJ said...

That is awesome - 2,000 hits - impressive! The lists are fun to read. I have enjoyed them.