20 Things I Learned From Mondays

  • Mondays stink.

  • Mondays were, are and forever will be.

  • No one likes Mondays.

  • Anyone who does like Mondays are soulless undead or managers and therefore don't count.

  • Never ask anyone how they are doing on Monday.

  • Everyone is allowed to complain on Mondays.

  • Never try to complete an urgent task on Monday. If Monday finds out you'll be sorry.

  • If Monday's got you marked, you're done for.

  • No one ever beats Monday. Ever.

  • Somehow there always seem to be more Mondays than Fridays.

  • On Mondays, it's alway your fault, and there is no way to fix it.

  • Anything that was just a slight irritation on Friday always grows to an unbearable vexation by Monday.

  • Calling in sick on Monday only means more trouble on Tuesday. Mondays cannot be avoided.

  • Monday will never forget what you're due.

  • If Monday were a person it would be a crazed traffic cop. Not really evil, just too powerful, and highly vindictive.

  • Knowing that Monday morning is coming has a way of ruining Sunday nights.

  • Tuesday is one of my favorite days only because it's the point at which Monday is the farthest away.

  • If you did anything useful on Friday, you will have to do it over on Monday.

  • Monday loves to see you sweat.

  • In many places Monday is considered and dirty word and shouldn't be used in polite company.

  • Monday should never be approached with out coffee.

    Ando said...

    Looks like someones got a case of the Mondays. ;]

    kludge said...


    Monday was one of the worst I've had in years... It did a great deal to revitalize old superstitions about Monday.

    SJ said...

    Mondays stink typically - - - as for "Summer Steph" - I am clinging to the fact that there are only 3 more teaching Mondays for me - now - Mondays don't go away, but I only have to teach for 3 more :)

    Roberta said...

    You can't avoid Monday even if it's a holiday because then Tuesday becomes Monday...

    Windy City Survivors said...

    Mondays are the worst. It is the day that seems that there is too much to do. The weekend fun leaves the house a mess and so beginning the week that way is terrible!

    kludge said...

    SJ -

    Congrats, you're almost there!

    Mondays are much less potent when there isn't 'work' involved.

    kludge said...


    Nice One...

    ...and so true!

    kludge said...


    You might have just nailed it. Monday REQUIRES responsibility.

    I think that's rather rude of it!

    Aunt Missy said...

    I'll take a different tick...Mondays aren't so bad if you work from home because everyone else goes to work and you get the house to yourself with peace and quiet.

    Nice huh?

    SJ said...

    True, True!

    jenylu said...

    I'm just glad I was reading this on a Wednesday!

    kludge said...

    Aunt Missy-

    Yeah, that real nice!

    I now despise you. No one should be having a nice Monday while the rest of us suffer!!

    LOL! :)

    kludge said...


    Well said. That one should have made the list!