Lazy Thursday Blues: Caption 25

Look I'm still here and I'm too stupid to stop doing the caption game! is once again Caption Thursday.

Take your pick and caption whichever you prefer. Or try your hand at both! As always we need to adhere to good taste. Please keep it clean.

1Here's one to get you started:
"I don't care if you thought it was an Ewok! You blasted that poor womans poodle!"

2Here's one to get you started:
"No tech would return to the dreaded wiring closet since Jimmy had gone missing two weeks ago!"

Stuff I've found this week:

Where did this come from? I have no idea...


J Crew said...

The vend a goat is the best ever

Jason said...

Do the goats come with milk?

Ando said...

1 - I'm not the droid you're looking for!

kludge said...


"I got him Fred!!!"

"Are you sure, He looks a little short to be a stormtrooper..."

jenylu said...

2. Can you hear me now?

Windy City Survivors said...

1. "Don't hit me, I just thought I was doing the best thing for the galaxy"

2. Howard didn't quite understand the instructions of how to hook the cords up. His boss walked by and asked him "Did you get some wires crossed?"

3. DIdn't you hear the goat legs are the healthiest new thing?

Ando said...

1- C'mon officer, you know I wouldn't have hit you with that laser blast. I'm a stormtrooper!

Emberli said...

That's why the sign said "Do not touch any of these wires." See what happens when you don't listen.

I heard baby powder helps untangle things.