The Parade

“I’m here!”


“Did I make it in time?”

“In time for what?”

“The Parade?!”



“Yea, you made it. Welcome to the parade. ”

“So...when does it start?”


“What do you mean what?!”

“I mean, ‘I wish you would stop talking to me,’ but I doubt that you’ll get that subtle hint. The parade is in progress. This is what we do.”

“Where are the bands?”

“There aren’t any. This is all there is. It’s what we have always done.”





“Flags? Peanuts?”

“Nope. ”

“Well what about-”

“Look kid, just stop. This is it. The rains come, then we parade. We’ve been doing this for years and we don’t need some kid telling us what's wrong with it. Okay? We like it. We're all happy here, and yes this is it. This is what we do.”

“Oh well then if that's the way you feel..."

"That's the way I feel.."

"Okay. Umm...well at least we have bad weather...”

“That’s right. Count your blessing.”

“So this it?”


“Seems kinda dull.”

“[shrug] It can get interesting sometimes, you just never know.”


"Lets just say that a fella could definitely get hurt at the parade."

"Really? Dull as rocks and a chance at injury, what more could you ask for. Well, I wish I’d stayed home.”

“[shrug] Me too. I didn’t have a choice personally. I had to come. We all had to come!”

“This is just- Whoa! Hey, LOOK OUT!”



“What’s wrong?”

“I just stepped on a worm and smeared him all over my shoes! Almost slipped to my death. Now I have worm guts on my shoes.”


“Stupid things! This is disgusting! I hate how they’re all over the sidewalks after a rain! I mean just look!

“I know...”

“The pavement is practically swimming in earthworms and earthworm insides! It makes me sick. Why are they out?”

“Well when it rains-”

“It's like a foul invertebrates parade!”

“Yes, I suppose it is.”

“It’s revolting.”

“I'm sorry. It’s just what they do.”


Boston Love said...

The earth worm parade. Where do you come up with this stuff?! ;)

kludge said...

Boston Love-

I don't know. If I had been washed out of my home, I'd start heading back...

...worms just "hang out." It's like they want to get stepped on. A bunch of suicidal insects, or whatever they are...

Windy City Survivors said...

You are so creative! I agree with Boston Love-where do you come up with these ideas?

Boston Love said...

What? No post today? Do you have yet another day off?! ;)

Jason said...

We are the worms. . .

Upon the sidewalks. . .

We make a squishy sound. . .

When people walk on us. . .

Anonymous said...