The Jugglers Daughter

The Jugglers Daughter
Is a political science major
She doesn’t understand him
He tries to make her see

This is the life I’ve chosen
It’s all I am, all I know
Juggling is more than reflex
It gives me understanding


You and I are quite alike
We both are expert jugglers
I juggle bean packed balls
You juggle peoples lives

Maria. You see,

Life is like a juggling act
The balls, they rise and fall
Fortunes sometimes up
Or prospects at their depths

Each one will reach the crest
You must be willing to deal with change
And grasp what assets come your way
But also be able to just let go

-Peter Brown 2007


Sarah said...

Another oh so random post. What would we do without you. I laugh every time I read your posts.

Boston Love said...

You have a true gift for for poetry. I have read plenty of poems and know that you are one of my favorite poets.

kludge said...


I'm glad. That's what I'm here for.

kludge said...

Boston Love-

Thank you very much. That is quite a compliement.