KludgeSpot GiveAway!

My how we have grown. I have the opportunity to do something I've never done before. Give away a free product to a Kludge Spot reader!

The good folks at CNS Office Furniture have graciously donated a prize to a lucky Kludge Spot reader. What they're giving away:
Skooba Laptop Satchel:
  • Fits most 17” screen laptops
  • 15+ pockets and compartments
  • Accessory organizer for phone, gadgets and more

  • The CNS website is loaded for bear will all types of office furniture and accessories. They've got a full compliment of computer desks, bookcases, office chairs and travel bags. They also boast a staggering array of office accessories, necessities and more. A veritable office playground of the interwebs. In addition most of the listing I encountered offered free shipping! A welcome break in these trouble economic times. I was generously offered any product within a certain budget to review personally. I instead chose to give something away, because it sounded like more fun!

    So how will it work? Simple enough. I would like a caption submitted to the below photo:

    Here's one to get you started:
    "A ticket for public indecency?"
    "Rules are rules, let out the tights a bit! Look we fined the Man of Steel too!"

    The Game Rules:

  • 1. No vulgarity. I reserve the right to delete any comment. This will remove you from the contest

  • 2. Wining. I will randomly draw the wining name from a hat on Sunday August 2nd of all caption entries. So simply commenting with a caption gets you in. witty, lame or anywhere in between The winner will be contacted Sunday evening via email, and announced Monday August 3rd.

  • 3. 48 contiguous United States Only (Sorry, it's a shipping thing)

  • 4. Contact. I need a way to let you know you've won the prize. So sign up with blogger, or OpenID, or something that I can contact you with. Otherwise I'll move on to another contestant.

  • 5. Have Fun!

    Anonymous said...

    Renaissance guy: This can't be right, can it?

    Repair guy: Sorry Mr. Obrecht, but that's the going rate for lute repair these days.

    Corey Miller said...

    "It says here Dewey defeats Truman?!"

    "I told you, numbskull"

    Hannah said...

    Prince Charming: So that's left at the Browncoats, right at Manga Central and then straight on until I see the line?

    Repairman: Yup. Katamari Damacy cosplay contest, can't miss it.

    kludge said...


    It's nice to see a cosplay veteran here!

    Jeremy said...

    But the contract says the Renaissance Faire has exclusive use of the building!

    Exactly! You can't ban the Sistine Chapel Builders Union, I don't care if you are Pope Tighty-Pants himself!

    (I admit... not. very. funny.)

    Joshua said...

    "So Ah, where do I go for the free castle giveaway?"

    "Right there sir, it's that dark room over there with the hole in the wall."

    Mark said...

    "It says, 'To deflate shoulders, simply give yourself a firm hug, then excuse yourself for the embarrassing noise.'"

    "Does this tool belt make my rear look fat?"

    mike said...

    Renaissance Guy: My name… is I-N-I-G-O Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!

    Repair Guy: With those pink tights your father probable killed himself. Nice try princess.

    Emberli said...

    A bill? I can't remember even once upon a time in Fairy tale land when I was charged to park my carriage, even at the finest balls in all the land. My father will hear about this!

    Whatever Mr.uh... Prince. That will be $10.00 for the valet. Oh and FYI, it turned into a pumpkin.

    kludge said...

    Contest is now closed! Contacting the winners! Tune in Monday to see the results!

    Becky said...

    Aw man! I missed it – stupid move tuckered me out so I stayed home Friday. Oh well. I’m not very pithy any way, but here’s what I WOULD have written.

    Limps-a-lot – “look, it says right here that I’ll have to fight the women off with I stick if I wear the pink tights”

    Cable Guy – “Whatever Man, I’m tellin’ you, the ladies Looove a man in uniform”