Contest Results!

So we officially have a winner for the Satchel! But first I would like to thank everyone who played! I'm sure that with all the Internet scams more than a few came, and left. Oh well. They simply helped your chances!

So first off we had two runners up to the big prize that was awarded. Those two were:

The names where drawn at random by my wife and three year old daughter from a Greek sailors cap. Can there be a more secure drawing environment? They both win $5 worth of merchandise from one of my following Cafepress shops!

Allergy to Nature
Battle of Wits
Beg for Bacon
Extra Spicy
Flees from Bees
Fueled by Caffeine
Geek Love
I Heart
Not Albino
Over Caffeinated
Power Corrputs
Road Game
Running Tool
Sleepy Work
Sushi Girl
Syadmin Magic
Wood Mangler
Congratulations, and I hope that you both enjoy the wares!

The paper with the name of the top prize was then drawn from the same cap. Shortly after drawing it my wife uttered, "Andy." She then added with disgust, "Andy wins everything!" Just to appease her, I returned the papers, mixed it up with the rest and let my 3 year old draw a name. It too read, Andy. Patricia left the room and Andy was declared, the winner.

Andy- Enjoy the bag, and let us know when it arrives! To those that didn't win, I'm sorry. Thanks for playing and look for another possible giveaway sometime in the future!

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Anonymous said...

And let me say again, "Take THAT Patricia!"