Lazy Thursday Blues: 9/13/07

"The real trouble with this world is that no one listens anymore!"

"Lets try and keep it down here people!"

Stuff I found this week:

Toast Notes Wild...

What it will be like living in the futuristic world of 1999. (Made in 1966) - Someone call the Communal Service Agency!

Are you keeping up with the Commodore? - That kids probably running a small country by now.

Myth Busters - Bull In A China Shop!


SJ said...

I think the toast notes are cool! And how cool is this - I had a Commodore 64!!!!!!

Missy said...

okay the toast thing is really cool, but the things they predicted in the 60's all did come true, with the exception of wouldn't it be nice if all our computer problems were fixed by the community. Well, maybe not. Why do you have to be quite in a cemetary?

jenylu said...

Loved the tombstone and the myth busters. That's one of the family's favorite shows.

I can't believe the stuff you find--like the link to the texting vs. morse code contest!! Do you really have a paying job??? :)

Jason said...

The toasty noter is pure genius!

Roberta said...

I love how they have the husband rolling his eyes and shaking his head as he pays his wife's shopping bills. That's why I like having my own accounts, that way I'm the only one shaking my head at them!