International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy Me Matey's! Today is September 19th which is "International Talk Like a Pirate Day." As you can see Kludge Spot is flying the Jolly Roger! So get your Pirate name, and start spreading some fun, "You Scurvy Sea Dog's!" Keep checkin back, as I plan to keep updating!!

Pirate Name Generator - My name is Poncy Nathanial Le Grande. A bit of a buckler of swashes I imagine!! No fair clicky till you like it! :)

Kludge Spot Quiz?! Who's Your Favorite Pirate?

1. Captain Hook
2. Dread Pirate Roberts
3. Long John Silver
4. Jack Sparrow
5. Black Beard
6. Your Own Choice!

Pirate Puzzle
Pirate Gunner Practice

Wrong on so many levels but still fun. Some people have even more free time than I do...

Your Inner Pirate

Three things you need to be a pirate:
1. Get a boat (stolen preferably)
2. Hoist a flag
3. Declare war on the world.

I think that kayak is in trouble!


Ando said...

I be Jolly Samuel Blackbeard, yarg, and that be who me favorite pirate is. Me own self, ya land lubber!

BBrito said...

Aaarghh! I be Brito Crow's Beack and me favourite can be only Jack Sparrow, for J.Deep is really a sweet treat for me eyes, aye?!!!
ps. this pirate talk is haaaard! aaargh!

Ando said...

Avast, ye jigging pirate filmograph be sight for me sore eyes, says I.

SJ said...

Me pirate name: Flighty Molly Morris (and I do feel flighty)- fits!

Missy said...

Aaargh, yea me favorite pirate be Jack Sparrow, no explanation necessary.

Me name is Buxom Charity Higgins, Esquire, obviously a very faulty name finder!!!

Loved the boat, although I think they were about to sink....

Roberta said...

I be Flirty Margaret Morris,and as much as I love Cap'n Jack, it is Cap'n Hook who be me favorite pirate. Something about being perpetually followed by a hungry croc just makes you really hardcore - er... says I.

Why don't I ever find out about these things beforehand? I came to work today and the entire health center is dressed in pirate garb! I must have missed the memo...

kludge said...

Arrg!! Due to a catastrophe at work yesterday, I missed all the piratey fun!!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by...

I need to get a blunderbuss for my office