Where did it go?

About five minutes ago I had a post idea. I would not say, "My best post" or even "A really good idea" but none the less an idea that I had and I was semi excited about blogging. So as I strode to the restroom and back, I had a conversation with a co-worker about the arcane computer punch cards (Do Not Fold, Bend, Spindle or Mutilate) then sat back down to write down my ideas.

The lesser of the two, tomorrows post actually, was written on my Post-It scrap, and then...Nothing. It was gone. What happened to todays post? In the span of about six minutes time todays post has sailed straight out of my head. I presumed that this was due to the engaging conversation of computing antiquities and that it would soon float back into it's rightful place below tomorrows post on my yellowish sticky pad. Still nothing.

Which begs the question what happened to the thought? We all lose thoughts from time to time and over the course of a lifetime must just accept that the brain is a bowl. I mean to say that it seems to me regardless of all the scientific study that says 'You only use 10% of your brain" and "You retain everything you've ever heard" we are just plain old stupid.

As far as I can tell my brain is not the veritable fortress for thought as the folks in these experiments seem to think it is. My brain is a finite bowl and a shallow one at that. It seems that someone is running around town with my shallow brain bowl and slopping the contents out continually on the street.

There are some days it feels more like a teaspoon even. Like it can't seem to hold anything except random facts about outdated network architecture and old company IP addresses. Apparently these things, which I'll never need to recall, have taken up all the room and new data cannot be stored for more than about 51/2 minutes without spilling over.

I imagine there is a gigantic repository someplace of all the misplaced knowledge from centuries of teaspoon brains rotting away. Stuff like how to solve world hunger, wipe out all known diseases and your great-grandmothers award winning recipe for apple dumplings. This of course has been replaced my more useful stuff like the number for the local pizza delivery place and who was the winner of the Heisman Trophy for the last forty five years running.


SJ said...

I wonder where all my thoughts go - it seems I have misplaced so many of them!!!!!! I can even be in mid-sentence at times and forget what I was saying! Yikes! But like you said, I know important things, like the number to Flohr's -

kludge said...

Flohr's Take Out!!

Yeah Baby, I love being able to get food from a dozen different local restaurants delivered to my house, while I sit at home on my ever expanding hinny.

I'm never going back!!!

Ando said...

1961 Ernie Davis*

1962 Terry Baker*

1963 Roger Staubach**

1964 John Huarte

1965 Mike Garrett

1966 Steve Spurrier

1967 Gary Beban

1968 O.J. Simpson* **

1969 Steve Owens

1970 Jim Plunkett*

1971 Pat Sullivan

1972 Johnny Rodgers

1973 John Cappelletti

1974 Archie Griffin

1975 Archie Griffin

1976 Tony Dorsett**

1977 Earl Campbell* **

1978 Billy Sims*

1979 Charles White

1980 George Rogers*

1981 Marcus Allen**

1982 Herschel Walker

1983 Mike Rozier

1984 Doug Flutie

1985 Bo Jackson*

1986 Vinny Testaverde*

1987 Tim Brown

1988 Barry Sanders**

1989 Andre Ware

1990 Ty Detmer

1991 Desmond Howard

1992 Gino Torretta

1993 Charlie Ward

1994 Rashaan Salaam

1995 Eddie George

1996 Danny Wuerffel

1997 Charles Woodson

1998 Ricky Williams

1999 Ron Dayne

2000 Chris Weinke

2001 Eric Crouch

2002 Carson Palmer*

2003 Jason White

2004 Matt Leinart

2005 Reggie Bush

2006 Troy Smith

kludge said...


It's a sickness my friend. Get help.

Ando said...

Unfortunatley (or maybe fortunatley) I didn't do that from memory. Had a little help from my old friend Wiki.

kludge said...


I'm sorry if this hurts you but...

...I really didn't think it was from memory. It's not like your J Crew or anything! :)