Friendly Sharpies

I love the smell of Sharpies early in the day
They sooth my mind and in restful sleep I stay
With their scent intoxicating both inviting and elating
In me they make a blissful carefree way

They do for free what others pay for
I doubt a substance could do more for
My utter lack of concentration, nodding head and relaxation
I sing and tap my foot upon the floor

Now I sway slightly when I stand
As if on a pile of shifting sand
As I'm thinking out some riddle I find I often fiddle
With the open, friendly Sharpie in my hand

It always helps me with my task
And in the end it's clear at last
I do not care to hurry, I will not stress and worry
As long as to my friendly Sharpie I hold fast.

-Peter Brown 2007


J Crew said...

I also love sharpies, but only the thinner ones. I am very particular about my sharpies

kludge said...

J Crew,

Understood. Personally, I'm a junkie, I don't care what size as long as I can get a good sniff!

Missy said...

the smell is good yeah, but the sound gives me the heebies, just like Styrofoam!!

Brian said...

I had a friend who was a missionary in Indonesia tell me that in Indonesia the sharpie is called a speedo. Just thought I'd pass that useless info on to you

SJ said...

I love sharpies - and like all the new color choices, but I am with JCrew - I am partial to the thin ones - - -

kludge said...


Sometimes it's the things we love that hurt us the most. I'm sorry for your grief...

Now go sniff a sharpie and cheer up. :)

kludge said...


Thanks for the info. I imagine I would be less likely to write a post titled, "Friendly Speedos"

kludge said...


Another point for the thin ones. I hope the thickees don't get wind of this blatant Sharpie bigotry!

Missy said...

I have to even mute the TV when there is a sharpie commercial!! Yeah I have real problems, but then again, what brouse doesn't?? The smell puts me right back in Miss Mann's class in good ole Fairfield, ahhh yes there it is....

BeccaGirl said...

I personally like the smell of those huge off brand markers that squeak across every surface you try to use them on. You know, those big hairy ones that can bleed through a phone book and you can smell them from outside! LOL
Great post, I wanna steal it :)

kludge said...


Agreed. I has a teacher who used to write long notes in just this type of pen, and by the time I got it, there was just one huge black blob... I'm sure he meant well though...

lauren_ganda said...

i have written a prose on sharpies! :0) who knows what makes exactly makes that intoxicating scent?!

kludge said...


Thanks for stopping by, but really, you can't leave me hanging like that?! :)

Where's your Sharpie prose?