20 Things I'd Rather Do Than Work

I have a great job. I get to do what I love for a living. Still there are days when working is just not the first thing on my mind. Some days while diagnosing servers and tracking network errors my mind wanders to other places...

  • Checking Facebook for info on your friends latest illness and dinner plans
  • Hope for an office fire drill. I'm on team BLUE!!
  • Search the Internet for people to correct.
  • Coffee time!
  • Burning popcorn in the office microwave
  • Office blood drive. At least you get free snacks...
  • Break out the white board cleaner for a cheap legal drug trip. In a pinch use the sharpie for some note jotting
  • Sleep. It's weird when your body gets tired of sitting in a comfortable chair all day
  • Time off for the dentist. Laughing gas; hello to my new best friend!
  • Search the Internet for pictures of ugly dogs. Woof Woof...
  • Office gossip.. er I mean expressing concern for Laura's hairdressers sobriety
  • Web based training
  • Searching Ebay for that must have vintage broken laser pointer!
  • Insulting Craigslist posters with $5 offers on their exquisite heirloom IKEA bookcases
  • Heating Styrofoam cups up in the office microwave
  • Writing irate informational e-mails to all employees about the dangers of Styrofoam and microwaves
  • A field trip to Marketing to see the beautiful people.
  • Star Wars coloring book time
  • Break out the office Yo-Yo. I usually do this while staring at my white board and feigning deep thought.
  • Hold a meeting to discuss agenda for upcoming meeting.
  • Blogging Anyone?

    Tina said...

    change "yo-yo" to "Rubik's Cube" and I'd swear we were twins.

    kludge said...


    Rubik's Cube? Your brain is clearly bigger than mine! :)