Giveaway Results!

The Giveaway is complete. Thanks to everyone for playing!

Last night about 10 Oclock or so I put all the names into my 5 year olds sun hat and had Patricia draw out two names.

The first runner up was Stephanie! And will get to choose a pin or magnet for one of my cafepress shops.

Allergy to Nature
Battle of Wits
Beg for Bacon
Extra Spicy
Flees from Bees
Fueled by Caffeine
Geek Love
I Heart
Not Albino
Over Caffeinated
Power Corrputs
Road Game
Running Tool
Sleepy Work
Sushi Girl
Syadmin Magic
Wood Mangler

The Grand prize went to Jess!

I'll be sending her out this cross style pen made of Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)

Thanks again for playing. And hopefully I'll do another one of these soon!


Jess said...

Wheeeee! Thanks so much! Looking forward to using that gorgeous Brazilian Cherry pen to write some elegant notes, or to make my coworkers jealous. Whichever comes first. :)

Beautiful! Thank you!

kludge said...


Shoot me an email (side bar) With a shipping address and I'll get that out to you!


Mr. M said...

I realized the amazing potential and coolness of Cafepress just now when I followed your links, so I tried signing up for it, but... Every time I try it says I've already have an account with the email I'm trying to use. And that's after trying three different emails... I think it's just out to get me.

kludge said...

Mr. M-

Cafepress is a ton of fun! My recommendation for when you get in...

Public domain pictures are your friend! OpenClipArt

Mr. M said...

Yeah. It does look cool. At the moment, though, I'm having nothing but problems with it. I added a couple designs and changed the theme, but every time I go to it, it still has the old design I already deleted, and the old theme. Oh well...

Thanks for the link. I'll be checking that out. Maybe find some inspiration there, too.

Mr. M said...

One more question: Do you have a paid account? I noticed your page had some extra things on it and was designed differently...

kludge said...

No... I like the free account. I just have a separate page for each item. Oh and image tags. You won't sell ANYTHING without tagging your images