20 Signs You're A PC Gamer

  • You like a good plot line and can appreciate graphics better than console players.

  • Gaming takes energy. Got Caffeine?

  • When the game is really good losing track of a number of hours or occasionally days is not without precedent

  • Save, save, save. It's the gamers mantra.

  • You can crouch, run backwards while firing and still simultaneously jump and reload

  • You couldn't use an XBOX controller if your life depended on it

  • You know what you frame rate is and have benchmarked your system...several times

  • You've chosen sides, ATI or Nvidia. (And hopefully you didn't pick ATI...)

  • Your mouse hand can get cold or maybe it's going to fall off. Might want to take a break in a hour or two just to find out.

  • Farmville doesn't count as PC gaming

  • Your computer chair is more comfortable then your bed

  • On occasion computers do crash. It's the price we pay for better selection and killer graphics See #4

  • Four hours of gaming is just breaking in your chair

  • If you're an RPG player just choosing the right character can take this long!

  • There's always time for one more quest.

  • Yelling at the screen is part of the game

  • When your eyes glaze over it's time for a Dew break. See #2

  • Your mouse and keyboard are wired.

  • When in doubt, shoot to kill.

  • You fully expect to be doing this when you turn 80

    Mr. M said...


    So, is it easy to play good games with a keyboard and mouse over a usb controller? Would it be as easy if using a laptop?

    freight audit said...

    Maybe I'm not a gamer!

    Makolyte said...

    "a Dew break" made me lol.

    kludge said...

    Mr. M

    As long as it doesn't add lag.

    Laptop gaming without a peripheral mouse if like drinking urine. You might be able to do it... but I wouldn't try it.

    kludge said...

    Makolyte: I have this shot of a game night at my house (before kids) of a 3 foot pyramid of empty Mt. Dew cans. I think it was a StarCraft night.

    It was awesome but I had a little trouble focusing the next day...

    freight audit said...

    Maybe I'm not a gamer!

    kludge said...

    freight audit-

    Thanks for coming by and SPAMing me with your URL.

    I've removed it.

    Anonymous said...

    Most important thing... You can NOT see the letters on W A S and D key anymore ;)