Dream Oracle

Looking for a dream oracle. I had a really weird one last night.

I was in a house looking around and I found a scrapbook filled up with my blogs. That alone ranks as strange but it get odder. I see all my blogs in the scrapbooks, done up just like their respective websites.

Then I come to this one...

Legal Addictive Tigers
Pick an animal and heretical relationship.

Below that was a picture tiger nursing cubs.

In the dream all I could think was. Why are my blogs in this scrapbook. When I woke up all I could think was, what the hell is a "heretical relationship" and why did I think it was normal? I didn't even know if heretical was a real word. Turn out it is. It means "of, pertaining to, or characteristic of heretics or heresy."

So I ask you readers. Is there a dream oracle out there. Anyone got a clue. What does this mean? Ora am I just plain old nuts?


Tina said...

I saw on an episode of Batman once that you can't read in dreams, because dreaming occurs in the opposite side of the brain from the ability to read.

This means that your brain is wired funny.

That being said, there's no possible way to interpret a dream which flows from a funny-wired brain. Batman is never wrong.

kludge said...

Awesome!! I would not dream of crossing the Dark Knight...

but still I've never taught myself a new word before. It's almost got me creeped out.

Mr. M said...

Well, just remember: “Eventually, I won’t be satisfied with three big round oranges in my hand. Eventually, I will stab them into my heart.”

That's my contribution to the world of trying to translate dreams...

What I hate are the dreams where you're sure that it's a continuation of something else, and then you just get this gut feeling of deja vu or something, and even when you realize that nothing even remotely related has happened to you before, you still feel like it has.