What's On Your Desk?

I just turned around and snapped this shot

2- Full height, 8 platter, 5 1/4 SCSI drives (1 gig each)
1- New Pentium Pro Processor date stamped '94

So... What's on yours?


Pops said...

2 Mac-minis, a 22" display, a pair of speakers, Microphone, lamp, 2 keyboards, 2 mice, and a pile of crap that needs to be put away but never seems to take care of it's self.

Steve Murphy said...

a HUGE pile of porn mags ... a pint of beer ... an indian takeaway ... a black book full of saucy birds numbers ... a flat screen to watch the footie ... U did ask what you wanted on your desk didn't u ?!

Mr. M said...

Let's see... I have a ukulele, three issues of GameInformer, a Tungsten T5, and occasionally a MacBook.

Mr. M said...

And now I also have a die-cast Tron Lightcycle from Walmart. I was going to get the big Blu-ray 3D, 2D, DVD, and digital copy combo pack, but since we don't even have a Blu-ray player yet, let alone a 3D one, and the Blu-ray/DVD pack was $10 cheaper and came with a toy lightcycle, I figured what the heck... Haha.

MattmanAndRobin said...

dell latitude e6510
dell latitude e6500
planar px2230mw monitor
aten dual-vga kvm
archos 5 tablet (only tech thing that actually belongs to me)
motorola droid 2 global (hate it, digital leash)
western digital elements 1TB
western digital passport 320GB
creative 1970's colored sbs16 speakers
microusb cable
miniusb cable
dell oem mouse still in shrink wrap
evoluent ergo mouse for sissy wrists
microsoft 4000 ergo kb
pink coffee cup cuz couldn't find mine, stole wife's
14 post it notes for todo list
network inventory on 3 sheets of paper
green floral coffee cup coaster from new zealand

Makolyte said...

Standard programming gear: a high powered laptop, huge monitor, all the peripherals, an empty cup of coffee.