Dude, I'm so stinking tired!! I woke up this morning and my brain never clicked in. Stupid thing took a sick day.

"I'm taking a sick day"

"What?! You can't do that. We have to go in today."

"Sorry. Can't help you. I'm Petering out."

"Ha ha... Come on, get up. I need you to work the legs and arms and stuff."

"Not happening."

"I can't function without a brain."

"Your job? Sure you can! Like you need me to sit at a desk all day and wait for problems?"

It then shut down and was non responsive. I was forced to realize it had been completely correct. I felt fine. A little tired, but still me. A little scary when you find out that your brain is just a gratuitous organ taking up space in your skull but that's where I found myself this morning. Thus the day has proceeded in quite an unexpected manner.

I got to work consumed my 1.5 liter Thermos full of coffee. Nothing. Nada... Can't think of another no word starting with 'n'. Wait. Ah yes, little sleepy here.

I've been yawning too. This never looks good

"Peter we need to talk about the new network deployment plan...Uh, are you yawning?"

"Soo-ooo-orry. I'm listening. No really. What do you need again?"

Plus the clock has been moving at a snails pace.

Open email
Check clock
Type up response
Check clock
Acknowledge network alarms
Check clock
Go to restroom
Check clock

Sweet mercy... Is it Thursday yet?

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Mr. M said...

Yeah. I can tell. There are a lot more typos in this post than usual. Haha.