Goodbye Facebook

What my email said:

Hi Peter,
You have deactivated your Facebook account. You can reactivate your account at any time by logging into Facebook using your old login email and password. You will be able to use the site like you used to.
The Facebook Team

What it should have said:

Hi Peter,
You have regained your sanity and held on to what small shred remains of your common sense.
I doubt you'll miss out on anything crucial, save what people eat for lunch...
The Facebook Team

No offense any of my 26 Friends, but Facebook just wasn't for me.


Steve Murphy said...

I know the feeling !

Mr. M said...

Facebook is actually my sole means of communication with all of my family and the majority of my friends. I could never get out of it. Different situations, I guess.

I also use it for updates on all the internet personalities that I follow on a day-to-day basis...

Mr. M said...

Maybe you just had the wrong 26 friends. Haha.

kludge said...

I only signed up out of a feeling that I was missing out on something. I wasn't

Personally it's just not for me. I prefer blogging.

Fernando said...

Well done! I deleted my Facebook account last year too. Based on what I see on my colleagues' monitors, there's not much I've been missing.

kludge said...


Long time! I agree the wife is well informed and girls seem better suited to the gossip circle that my Facebook group has become.

Tice said...

Deleting my 3 month old Facebook was probably the best thing I did all of last year. I wish more people would start deleting theirs as well, and come back to real Life.

Makolyte said...

If you find no utility in facebook then it's perfectly understandable that you delete your account. Good luck, and hopefully you don't relapse. Perhaps start a Facebook Anonymous group on Face... oh wait.

Facebook is great for knowing what's going on in my huge extended family, as well as my friends who don't live by me anymore. But of course, there's the news feed which is dominated by 10% of people who like sharing insignificant crap constantly. No, I don't care what book you read to your kid. No i don't want to hear your politic / religious views. Thank Zuckerberg for the ability to ignore these TMIers.