A Week In Poorly Taken Pictures

Last week for me, was spent in training. During the week I was living out of a hotel with expensive televisions, tiny soaps and a broken microwave oven. It was a interesting place with an imposing building and beautiful facade sporting cheap veneered furniture and a standing queue at the complimentary breakfast counter.

Looking back on the pictures I took, I only have one from my hotel room. It's me after I got a haircut. I wanted to show the wife that I had lost 7 pounds. In hair. It had been 4 months since my last haircut, and she was quite surprised by the change.

See that lovely bed in the background? Doesn't it just scream "I'm a fluffy beacon of comfort?" It lies. It's a rock filled mirage that will turn your bones to dust in just 4 short nights. I of course didn't mention this on the hotel review form becuase the clerk informed me that they enter them each week for a Best Buy gift card drawing. So, I wrote, "A lovely room with 5 star amenities at 3 start prices." The lie continues as guests are bribed to write good things in hopes of geek booty. Will there be any guilt from me? Only if I don't win.

Here is the training center lobby. It looked to me like the engineering level of a Galaxy Class Federation Starship. I envisioned the elevator as some massive power warp engine idly waiting for it's next request to bend space time. Oddly enough, in the heart of Silicon Valley, many of the buildings occupants also fit quite nicely in this illusion. You can probably imagine that I felt fairly comfortable here. You would be correct.

My constant companion during the training week. The slow crappy coffee maker. For poor tasting crappy coffee, it sure had a thick following. As the entire floor waited for it to "brew" it's coffee like substance we realized that it was the only bet for blocks. By Friday I probably had consumed 20 cups and was forced to admit that it was growing on me.
"How about another cup of indulgence?"
"I couldn't. Well... Alright then!"

Ah the exciting world of layer 3 QOS. What more can be said about these 6 bits of header? Yeah, the class was a little dry for most, but much information was imparted. Oh look, time for more indulgence...

Here is some more of my fine photography at work... This is a grand picture of the expansive IMAX 3D theater where I watched The Green Hornet. It didn't come out. The point? It was big. Yeah, thats pretty much the only point. BTW Skip this movie if you have any self preservation instincts what-so-ever.

Here is a random picture I took, because I'd lost my mind. I was quite tired from the amount of information I was shoving in my dome, add to that my lack of sleep and you get this. My dinner on Thursday night. A very spicy wrap from Wrapp World in Santa Clara. I'm not positive what was in the sauce, but my lips were burning all night. Seriously good eats!


Mr. M said...

I have discovered that it is nearly impossible to take any pictures inside a theater. A think a conspiracy is afoot here...

kludge said...

It was HUGE!

I swear there was seating for over 500. Oddly enough, there were only 7 (I counted) people in my showing.

Makolyte said...

What exactly is layer 3 QOS? All i see is binary-to-hex translations :) or the other way around.

Oh and the wrap thing, oh god, I'm hungry

kludge said...


No Hex...just the instructor writing out all the binary for reasons no one in the class understood completely.

Seriously Dry Stuff Here

As to the wrap, it was epic!! I need another!