The 36" Monitor

So.... I might have acted a little rash. Maybe my geekiness got the better of me. Maybe my lack of sleep affected me. My wife believes I've lost my mind. Who knows she might be right, but I would never admit it to her.

Here's how it went down. I was surfing Craigslist when a posting for a free 36" monitor popped up. I calmly took a deep breath and then mashed out a very well thought out e-mail.

"WHOA BABY!!! I WANT IT!! I can come and get it tonight!!!!"

The seller responded, "Okay. Here's my address. That's a 3 hour round trip for you."

"Leaving NOW!" Clearly something had taken hold of my better judgment and shook the living daylights out of me.

After my hour and twenty minute drive I arrived. As soon as I saw the beast, I knew I had made a gigantic mistake. What to do? My brain and I discussed it.

"Take it, before he says no!!"
"It's absurd. I don't have space for this..."
"36" inches! DUDE TAKE IT! Can you imagine playing video games on this?"
"Can you imagine my legs breaking after the desktop gives way?"
"You have a fine desk and it will have no trouble supporting this trifle of a weight."
"This trifle is almost 225lbs!"
"I believe it is worth the risk!"

So against my better judgment I began down the path to herniated disks and hoisted it into my pickup. I couldn't even see out the rear view mirror.

Hooked up the laptop and made sure it worked!

Then the wife and I muscled it on to my desk and waited for sounds of breaking wood. After a few hours, we figured it was okay and decided to test it out. I couldn't help but smile. This was just too cool! Made my keyboard look like a PDA attachment!

Downside? Well, it's not so great for reading e-mail as the highest resolution is 800x600, but for gaming...this is amazing! The wife fired up some of her games and we played for a while. Hidden puzzle games are a joke on a 36" screen.

"We're looking for angels on the head of a p-"
"Got it. Next?"

Then I brought out the serious guns. Elder Scrolls IV.

After a 6 hour gaming coma I pronounced it good. When characters heads can be life size you know you're at total immersion. Oh and attacking monster literally had me jumping out of my chair!


Tony said...

And the moral of the story is: everyone should own a pickup truck!

Right? :)

kludge said...

I thought it was something about radiation poisoning....but whatever works I guess! :)

Tony said...

Well how *else* would one bring home a 36" CRT monitor?! Cramming even a 19" one into the trunk and/or backseat of a regular car is a pain in the arse. I don't think even my Jeep would have any hope in hell in fitting that 36" monitor in the cargo space.

(It is therefore fortunate that I have a Ford F-150, in case I find a great deal like that over here. :) And my dad thought I was crazy to buy a 22 years old heap of rust... This'll show him, and all the rest of them!)

kludge said...

Point taken!

I love my truck and would never go back to a sedan. (Had a crappy Dodge for 11 months or so in college)

It big enough for me, but not so big as to be useful to friends who are moving. (I've never loaned out my truck to anyone)

Tony said...

...Darn, I didn't think of that. Mine's a full-size truck with a long bed. Well, luckily I have only a few friends, and they all know better than even suggesting I should borrow my truck (or Jeep, girlfriend, dog...) to anyone. :p

kludge said...

The monitor is gone. Traded if for a circular saw. It was fun... and well worth a weekends entertainment.