Your Inner Geek

I sit here a bit tan from my trip. I'm not golden brown or anything, but I would say I definitely have color on my face and arms. Eight days in Southern California can do that for you. Most people would be fine with that. Geeks, as you are no doubt aware, are not like most people.

The issue is this, I like looking geeky. Not gross, just a bit geeky. I shower, wear clean clothes, and always do my hair, but there is something off about me. I'm normal pretty pale, have crazy hair and have loads of 'geek wear' shirts. It's a culture thing. Geek culture is a thing that I've embraced for a over a decade. Growing up in the 90's, unlike the 70's, geeks are an accepted culture class. We aren't the broken spectacles and pocket protector crowd, we're the cynical computer fixers and troubleshooters. Funny t-shirts, anti-social to outsiders and a fear of eye contact.

So now that the sun has betrayed me and my avatar is no longer relevant, I need to find my inner geek. So what makes someone truly a geek, not just in appearance but in substance.

  • Love of Technology
  • Without this you're just in it for the pay check. Money is good, but getting paid to be around what you love is even better!

  • Belief In Absolutes
  • If you don't have an opinion, you're not ready to wear the badge, "geek". I've witnessed thousands of geek stand-offs on everything from how to configure a router "properly" to which unix editor is the "right" one.

  • Caffeine
  • You can't maintain an Internet stand-off, if you're sleeping. Get up, get caffeinated, be right!

  • Humor
  • Humorless geeks are called 'dorks'. If you don't get the humor it's time turn in your wireless tablet and get on the managment fast track.

  • Semi-Social
  • Geeks are social, very much so. Just not so much outside our circles. I'll launch into a conversation with anyone about RPG's, network topology or technology. If you ask me about my favorite movie star, reality show or sports car, you will get feet shuffling and sidewards glances. I'm not anti-social, I just have nothing to say to you.

  • Cynicism
  • All interactions must first be viewed through the prism of cynicism. Yes it will always work, but it's always harder than you think it will be. Be safe, be cynical.

    What Am I Missing?

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