Rediscovering Atlantis

"Peter are you into Science Fiction?"
"Is a frogs butt water tight?"
"Uh.. I think so. Yes?"
"You better believe it!"
"What's your favorite science fiction show?"
"Five years ago I would have said Star Trek."
"StarGate. Without question."
"What, no more disgusting metaphors?"

Star Trek was a revolutionary show. It pushed the limits of science fiction and portrayed humanity at it's best. Star Trek is an amazing franchise, but it's still not as good as the StarGate universe.

StarGate is now. Right now, not 200 years in or future. In Star Trek folks have body suits, ray guns and transporters. In StarGate, the Airforce is in charge. Airman have real projectile weapons, cotton pants and camouflage hats. We discovered a technology made by someone else and go out looking for cool stuff. In the process we make enemies, friends and see lots of weird things. For me, it's such a great idea! We don't have to wait for a third world war or humanoid robots, all we need are guns, camo and some Egyptian artefacts!

The wife and I watched Atlantis on a whim. We liked it so much, we watched the previous 10 seasons of SG1. Now we are re-watching Atlantis with all the back story of SG1 under our belts. It makes a lot more sense this time through.

I love the geeky, neurotic lead scientist. He's brash, egotistical and suffers more conditions than a prenuptial agreement. I'm also fond of lead Airman. A cynical, driven, football loving guy willing to make all the hard choices. As far as the wife is consiered she's just in it for the lowbrow, fist wielding, treadlock sporting antics of the Pegaus galaxys own loveable Neanderthal. Whatever gets her to watch sci-fi is good with me.

So, my point? Atlantis has the grittiness of Firefly the humor of SG1 and the five years of solid episodic television. Is it perfect? What show is, but in my opinion, it's well worth your time. It certainly trumps the newest StarGate series. How about this? While waiting for the next great science fiction show to start up, do yourself a favor and check out Atlantis. Another little known gem of the sci-fi world.

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