Mac Bash

As many of you are aware, I'm a computer guy. As such I'm anti Mac. To be honest the Apple computers themselves are fine machines. It's the people that ruin them. It's hard to be a computer guy and hate a computer, I mean...

  • it the OS's fault that the users don't know what files are in their /etc directory?

  • it the processors fault that no one needs a quad core to sync an iPhone?

  • it the logo's fault that people will pay four times more for a computer than it's worth only to browse the web?

  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, then there can be no doubt. You're an Apple user. As I've said before I don't have an issue with the computer. Additionally I have Mac friends. I'm not trying to upset anyone, I just will never understand the reasoning. Most Apple users are also so smug.

    "Why pay that much for a computer?"
    "Because it's worth that much."

    "My Mac is user friendly"
    "There's only one button. How could it not be?"

    "My Macbook is incredibly thin"
    "Found a good use for that considering the extra grand you blew on it?"

    "I have a Mac because it's better at graphics"
    "How much graphics do you do on your Mac?"
    "Exactly. My computer can surf the web too."


    "My Mac is a neat clean, all in one box"
    "Like a TV with built in DVD. What happens when the DVD breaks?"

    "I can run Windows on my Mac"
    "So can I, and I paid 1/6 the price to do it"
    "But you can't run Mac OS"
    "Sure I can, it's called FreeBSD. It's free, you wouldn't understand"

    I think it was the iPad that put me over the edge. I mean, this should have been a bomb. It should have gone the way of Apple TV. It should be a boat anchor product for Apple. Jobs should be sinking in an ocean of his own absurdity over the iPad. There is no GOOD reason to buy one. It offers nothing that the iPhone and laptop didn't already do better. And YET.... and YET people are clamouring to purchase them. Why? Because it's Apple. That's it. Honestly?

    Your wish has be granted!

    I love a good side by side!

    iPad - Beta release...

    iMaxi carrying case.

    Welcoming all points of view... Even from the Apple fanboys! :)


    Ando said...

    Don't forget the cultishness of slapping an Apple sticker on your car.

    kludge said...


    No Doubt!

    Psst... Uhmm your sitemeter details say you viewed this site on a Mac runing XP.

    Is that for real? Are you turning to the Dark side?

    Ando said...

    False. I'm on my work computer, which is definitely not a Mac. The case is black.

    kludge said...

    Sigh of Relief!

    Sitemeter is messing with my head! :)

    Jeremy said...

    I've been saving all the Apple stickers I can from the various Apple products I own. Since I have one on my car already I now know where to put the rest.

    kludge said...


    That would be awesome!

    themadengineer said...

    Apple is for when you want to pay more for less choice (and confusion).
    Which is a valid section of the market, for sure, but it's not right for everyone. It's all wrong for me, and probably you.
    Apple is for my mom, who is afraid of computers and demands that they "just work." And at 10 times the cost of my PC, it does.

    kludge said...



    "Apples are computers for people who don't like computers"

    And don't know when they're being fleeced!

    Anonymous said...

    I switched to a Mac after being a Linux user for 10 years. And why not? It's a nice machine. I still enjoy using my Linux machine at work.

    I don't get all the hate-mongering towards Mac users. Sure, many of them are jerks, but many Linux and Windows users are jerks, too.
    Back in my Linux days I used to bash Windows users... at some point you realize that you're just wasting time and making an idiot of yourself for arguing with other people over some stupid software.

    If you don't like Macs, that's fine, but don't hate other people for using them.
    If you don't like Mac jerks for being snobby elitists, that's fine too. They're idiots, you know it, I know it.

    Just don't run around saying _all_ Mac users are stupid. You're leaving others with the impression of being jealous and ignorant.

    kludge said...


    It was just a joke.

    but you're right about one thing. I am jealous. I wish we had user interface equivalent hardware in the Linux world. The Apples are slick. Too expensive, but slick.

    beyourpet said...

    hahaha so fucking true. i love this

    Anonymous said...

    hm maybe the case but mac are solid machines! i bought my mac book pro 5 years and 4 of my friends bought other brand laptops at the same time. im still using it (had to change battery once) with no problems and all my friends changed laptops!