Regarding Facebook

I Facebook, like others, but it still lets me down. It just feels so...less. Do you know what I mean? I love blogging. It's fun to share, and there is something so personal about an individual sharing their brain with you. Most of the stuff shared here is rather trite, but I assure you it is who I am.

Early into the start if my blog, back in 2006, I decided that all my post should be between 400 and 500 words. Besides lists, demotivators and poems many still are. It helps to make sure a concept is covered in my mind. Point? When you sit down to share something, is it not worth taking a bit of time to discuss it? I found that I could crank out 400 words in about twenty minutes or so. It takes most people about two to three minutes to read and another 5 to interpret my numerous spelling and grammatical errors into a cohesive thought.

Facebook is so the opposite. It seems that a thought out post on Facebook is about as normal as a talking chimpanzee in a robe (sorry guys..)

For example I give you one of my many pointless status updates.

"Peter is Peter Brown On hold with Symantec listening to Dionne Warwick. The system just assured me that, "The customer holding the longest has been on the line less than 79 minutes" What a relief..."

I mean who cares? I could just as well substitute with the obvious.

"Peter is Fishing for a comment."

I'm not downing Facebook so much as explaining that it's so not me. Facebook is fine, but not very interesting to me personally. So, I try to make it fun for me by posting stupid status updates. For me it helps to make the onsluaught of photo glurge, dining updates, flair exchange, superpokes, game awards and TV spoilers more palatable. Example?

"Peter is Thinking about Cheeseballs"

Response? "Lucas likes Peters cheesballs" The like button. When the 3 second effort of typing "I like them too." is simply too much work! :) I guess if you have a ton of people you need to acknowledge everyday, then you wouldn't have that much time.

"I have 512 friends!"
"I have 30, and I'm thinking about deleting some..."

Seriously I have 30 friends. This is actually a lot more people than I actually know. To be honest, I sometimes drop people that I never talk with. What is the point of having a friend if we never talk? I know that friend collecting is very popular, but I'm just not that personal I suppose. I have about 3 close friends and about 10 folks I would call loose friends. I like them, and I'd hang out with them without hesitation, but if go 6 months without seeing them neither of us would suffer.

My point? Did I have one? Yes it's simply this. Facebook, I don't hate it, but somedays I'd sure like to.

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Jason Michael Parrish said...

Facebook is part of the vast Left-wing conspiracy involving The Trilateral Trade Commission, the Masons, the Illuminati, Microsoft, the media, and the fast food industry. See, all these groups want humans to have a very very short attention span to facilitate their taking over the world while they slowly but surely modify our DNA and turn us into the Planet of the Apes guys pictured here.