So Tired

I'm so tired. I'd thought I'd try and do a quick random typing post in a effort to wake up my brain. Basically the formula is such: I type whatever pops into my head. I make no edits or apologies. You can then read it or not. So from this point on, spell check only.

So I had a hot food night last week. The point was simple. People came over, said "happy birthday" and ate hot food. My wife and her sister decided to have a challenge. Habanero hot wings. Whomever ate the most, got bragging rights and garish pepper necklace. Needless to say I'm not backing down from that.

They actually weren't that hot and I tied the brother-in-law at eight. Eight was the magic number, because we ran out. The next day, I got the worst heartburn I've ever experienced. Seriously I would have shot my brains out if I could have stopped drinking milk (yes, right from the container!! This wasn't a civilized affair here!) and eating bread long enough to work out the particulars. I was on fire! Still...they didn't seem that hot going down.

Oh! So the news was like "blah blah blah, press secretary, blah blah blah Barney Frank, blah blah blah consumer spending down..." for like twenty minutes then two seconds before cutting back they laid this one on me. "Woman who set herself on fire died today. Now for traffic."

First off... Yeah, duh! I could have told you that! "Man who ate eight habanero hot wings hung himself." But come on! don't we deserve some particulars here!!

Binder clips are like so useful! I love them.

I was looking online today for paper folding games for kids. It's surprising how few hits that acually generated. I mean, its the Internet. Doesn't a search like that just sum up everything the Internet is about.

"How to waste countless hours of your life" [Search]

The Internet has let me down again... Now what? Oh look a new video with a crane, 40 tons of water and compact car. Nevermind. I'm happy again!


Makolyte said...

This was highly entertaining. Do more like it!

Jeremy said...

If you read this post REALLY fast like you drank about 100 Mt. Dews in a row it really makes it all the more funnier. Like you were just talking being really, really hyper. Me likey!

Jason Michael Parrish said...

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