Star Trek - Lost Again

** Spoiler alert **
If you haven't seen the most recent Star Trek movie, be warned, spoilers will be forthcoming.
** Spoiler alert **

Ahem. I would consider myself a pretty hardcore Star Trek fan. See below Chart

Figure 1.1

The first marker, "closet fan" cares nothing about important things like the continuity of the Star Trek universe or the simple lack of understanding that the 6th season DS9 writers showed for what we will simply call, "a good story line".

Contrariwise, the last marker, "Full Surrender" cares nothing about important things like, hygiene, friends, holding down a job or getting a drivers license.

There are many plots along this line that are not defined here. I'll leave that for another time. Regardless I exist somewhere behind "own Vulcan ears" and after "long talks". I'm totally ready to have a long conversation about plot, character or time line mishaps. For me, its just a recreation, not a religion.

I will go on record and say, "I totally enjoyed the new Star Trek movie."

That being said, it not 'really' Star Trek in my mind. A great film, and one I would like to own, but still not Star Trek.

My thing is this, why are we clean slating the original series in order to tell it again!? Give it up already! I don't care about them anymore. We have 200 years and only 3 quadrants of a galaxy explored, can't we try something new!? Why not pick a brand new crew and just venture out. New aliens, new worlds, new technologies, new stories.

Isn't that what made Star Trek so appealing? I was to me. Ordinary people solving issues with their minds. Kirk was a problem solver not a drunk. Sure he got the girl and the last punch, but his guile and cunning were the tools that saved the day. Not childish bar room brawls that involved the groping of Urhua.

Whoever wrote the Spock Uhura scenes should be shot. Seriously. I'll even offer my services if you come up short. I doubt you will.

Oh, and just another thing...Didn't we (the Federation) discover the Romulans in the second season of ST-TOS? So how does this new Uhura happen to speak the language, with multiple dialects?

Holes, holes holes. What happened to our Vulans? I guess beings that don't cry or scream aren't cool anymore. Too bad. I liked Roddenberry's vision of the cool headed logical race the way it was.

Don't even get me started on Sulu. Though in all honestly, I could do with a sword like that.

Sigh.. the truth is, there is just too much wrong to go into here. So I won't. Anyway, as I said. I liked the movie, but please, lets not call it Star Trek, okay? I prefer, "Lost Again" Or "Rick Berman is a Moron". Whichever you want, though I'm leaning towards the latter.


Jeremy said...

What about Bones?? Did you like him?

I agree... Star Trek needs to go somewhere else, with some one else, but I think it will be epically hard to be "Star Trek" without Kirk and Spock...

Glad you enjoyed J.J. Abrams "LOST in the Cloverfield" movie

kludge said...

Bones was awesome! So was Scotty for that matter!

Anonymous said...

Saw it today. Really liked it. By the way, because of your dual love of documentaries and the outdoors I think I should inform you that Ken Burns has a new one coming out about the National Parks.

kludge said...


Sounds Thrilling! :)

I've actually been watching something right up your alley (I'm sure you've already seen it) Dogfights on the History Channel!