Giving Blood

I gave blood on Saturday. It's a easy thing for me and therefore I like to do it. It's not easy for everyone and those that are afraid of needles need not apply. We all have our fears. If I had to give blood in a butterfly tent or via a bee sting, I would never do it. All that just to say, I'm not a afraid of needles, so giving blood is only about finding the free time.

Anyway... After the tech explains to me that she cannot find a vein larger than a silk thread and that she will have to use the teeny tiny needle on my feminine vascular system she begins.

"Ah.." She says, after the needle is in and the juice is flowing

"What's wrong?"

"Well... there might be a bit of a bruise."

Shrug "No biggie"

Well... I guess I wasn't aware of what "A bit of a bruise really entailed". I look like an addict. I mean I've got this fist sized bruise on my arm. Seriously. It's like yellow and purple and black and blue. It doesn't hurt much, but I doubt it will go away anytime soon. In fact when the pizza guy came that night, I was too embarrassed to answer the door, for fear he might think I got a case of the munchies. Why am I telling you all this? I'm not sure. Let try and wrap this up...


Give blood, but only it you want to be insulted, and mutilated in the name of 'doing good'!

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Jason Michael Parrish said...

The last time I gave blood, I passed out. I thought I was dying and kept waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. Then, I heard a voice. Thinking it was an angel, I said to myself, "They kind of sound like females." Then I woke up and found the human nurse, a kindly doctor, and many sketchy-looking people staring at me.

They didn't take any more blood, but gave me $30 in cash and politely told me never to return.