The End Of Days

The end of the day is the best part
Is it odd that we feel that way?
While much of it gone from the daybreak
There's still truth in what I do say

Gone to meetings with managers droning
Their deadlines and pie charts galore
While no one is listening or caring
All they hear is "We want some more!"

Gone to users who stand in my door frame
With issues that "Must be solved fast!"
Foreheads wrinkled without comprehension
When I tell them, "On my list, you're last."

Gone to phone calls from vendors and salesmen
Pitching their products with glee
Though I tell I'm not in the market
It seems no one will listen to me

So when over my days just beginning
because that's when my freedom comes through
While the evening is shorter and fleeting
It's the best from my humble point of view

Peter P. Brown 2009

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