The Return

This is Kludge Spot. The place where the inconsequential is king. It isn't the place were I ramble on about woodworking. I'm working on some new posts and darn if I'm not determined to keep this place up to date.

I've now got a Woodworking blog where I can spout on about that particular branch of my personality. If you're interested you can visit it The Wood Mangler.

If not, stay right here. I'm back. Honest. No really... I'm sure it's going to happen this time....


Tony said...

"Coming soon! Kludge 2 - The Returning!"

Sounds good to me. :)

(CAPTCHA: morio. The sister mines of Moria, created by slightly dumber dwarfs?)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, header 2.0!